Radio Show Intermission

For my second audio assignment, I decided to create my own! I called it the Radio Show Intermission and here is the description I put for it: “Radio Show Intermission” is a lively and engaging break in your listening experience to offer a refreshing pause between discussions. Add a short line of text to captivate your audience and ensure that they stay past the break. Add some sound as well and make it to your liking with whatever theme best suits your show.

The process for creating an assignment was pretty easy! I added my SoundCloud link to what I created and included the following as the thumbnail image:

I choose this image because the sound just gave me this type of vibe plus it incorporates my character and I’s love for cats!

Now here is how I would do a radio show intermission:

To start it off I chose a simple yet intriguing sound from Pixabay, this is the part that made me chose a cat being a dj for the thumbnail picture.

Next I have the following text in my sound: Take a breather (In German) Take a breather and enjoy the groove during our Radio Show Intermission, where the beats keep you company until we return with more awesome tunes and engaging conversations! (English) I used “take a breather” twice in there to emphasize the purpose of this intermission which is to take a quick break. The first time it’s said, is in the language German. My character Chuckles, is from Switzerland, where a majority speak German, so I added that touch for him. By using an AI text-to-speech generator, I generated the rest of the text via English.

Finally, I have the incorporation of my second and last sound which is also from Pixabay. For this I know I wanted something with a beat drop near the end since my text mentions that you should enjoy this beat during the quick break. Additionally, I needed a sound where I could easily transition from the first one without having an awkward pause in between. The exact spot where I made the song change was at the word “groove” and I think it turned out really well!

I really hope all listeners enjoy this intermission I created as I really love it!


Film Fanatics & Fictional Friends

For my first audio assignment this week, I choose the Radio Bumper and put my own twist on it according to my radio show description.

My first step for this was creating a possible radio show name.

The description we have for my group is: Course character talk about pop culture/movies/tv in a talkshow/podcast type of vibe

I came up with name: Film Fanatics & Fictional Friends

The fictional friends in this case are all of our characters.

I wanted the audio in the sound to be neat, so I utilized a voice generator instead of me talking. Next, I used Pixabay for my intro and background music. The audio I used is called Big Band Show. I picked this one because it resembled almost an old time-y tv show intro and gave off fun vibes overall.

Here is my version of what could be the intro to my groups radio show!

In the beginning, the sound is very loud and out there. Then, the music turns into background sound as the actual intro is played. Finally, it picks back up and finishes out strong in hopes to get the listener enticed to what our characters have to say.

Were you all enticed?!


Bumi Being Silly

Upon looking through the Assignment Bank, I just knew I had to do the TikTok of your pet. I have endless pictures and videos of bumi on my phone. Bumi is a very mysterious and calm cat. Him being silly consists of eating the food I’m preparing, looking out windows and wagging his tail, sitting on my laptop as I sit down to do my assignments, and so much more.

I used TikTok to make this and add a sound to my video. I hope you guys enjoy this little clip of him licking the faucet and getting seen!

Now a fact that I have not shared yet about my character is that Chuckles is cat man, he’s got 13 domestic short-haired cats, whereas I have just one! He’s even done a comedy show talking about each cat each night. Those who attended Chuckles’s shows don’t know they were all about his cats though..


End of Beginning: TikTok Trend

For my this video assignment, I chose the make a top 10 or ranking video assignment from the bank. I used CapCut and TikTok for creating, editing, and adding a song. End of Beginning, a song by Joe Keery led to a major trend on TikTok where users add the song lyrics over a video or pictures of a place special to them. The following lyrics are what created the trend:

And when I’m back in Chicago, I feel it
Another version of me, I was in it
I wave goodbye to the end of beginning

Chicago gets replaced with whatever place the creator wishes to use.

I made my video about my recent trip to Pakistan this past December. I included the highlights of my trip which included some of my favorite foods, weddings I attended, and just my everyday activities from that month!


Get Ready With Me: With a Shot!

… Shot as in shot of espresso, make that a double shot actually 🙂

If you’ve ever seen me in person, I’ll have an iced latte in my hand ALWAYS. I guess you can say I’m a little addicted …

Just like me, my character Chuckles also is addicted to caffeine. Although he prefers a warm vanilla latte to match his mischievous warm eyes. The caffeine boosts his energy and kicks in when he’s performing his comedy shows.

For this Video Assignment from the Assignment Bank, I chose the get ready with me! I decided to do my own twist on this since I start getting ready for my day by making my latte!

I filmed my entire process of making lattes, from beginning to end. I used iMovie to edit the clips together and sped up some parts on it as well. I know some people only enjoy drinking lattes, but I enjoy making them even more. In fact, being able to make my own lattes in my morning routine, is what motivates me to get out of bed. The parts I sped through where when I was utilizing my WDT tool, when spinning my distributor tool, and in between refilling my ice scoops. I also sped up the video all together to get it from 48 seconds down to 26. Parts of the process have also been clipped. For example, the extraction of the espresso shot was clipped from 28 seconds to about 2 seconds. I had so much fun putting this together and I hope you enjoy my version of getting ready with me!

P.S. it’s an iced oat milk latte with macadamia with caramel drizzle.


3’s A Band

Assignment Bank: Audio Assignment

Honestly I am proud of my short but mighty musical masterpiece!

Hope you guys like it:

I used Pixabay for all three instrument audios. My musical masterpiece starts off with the saxophone. Then about six seconds in, the tambourine is introduced elevating the music much more. Lastly, we have the addition of the drum.

I will produce the rest once Hollywood signs me 😉


Sound Effect Story on Food

Assignment Bank: Audio Assignment – Sound Effects Story

As I am always hungry 24/7, I decided to base this story on food. From prep all the way to the end, this story consists of five audios and zero verbal communication.

Here’s my sound effect story before I get to the explanation of it:

It firsts starts off with the sound of washing hands in a kitchen sink. Then we move to the sound of cutting vegetables. Next we have the sound of stir frying the vegetables. Now the next one, if you don’t like the sound of chewing I am so sorry you had to hear that…. Finally to wrap it up, the sound of washing dishes!

All my audios were from Pixabay.


Breaking News!

Assignment Bank: Audio Assignment

Did you guys know? The sun was just now discovered to emit spaghetti through its powerful rays!

As I was doing the assignment it was finally sunny out and I started to feel the heat a bit. On top of that I was reallllyyyyy hungry for some spaghetti. Therefore, I had some fun and combined the two together to create a totally not fake breaking news 🙂 The voice I chose reminded me of the infamous David Attenborough. I thought maybe using his voice would provide some realness to my story.

I used the Eleven labs AI voice generator for my text to speech for this assignment.


ds106 radio bumper

For my radio bumper, I wanted it to include aspects of one of my favorite things which is cars. Here it is:

In the beginning I added a seat buckling sound, to get the listeners ready for the message. This sound was from Fesliyan Studios.

Now my main audio source was the one and only Dr. Oblivion. I altered his voice to add some suspense when he said “wipe us all out”. Not that he needed anymore suspense to his preexisting voice, but just decided to have a bit fun with him.

Last but most certainly not least, at the very end I added an audio of a Formula 1 car zooming by. Signifying the end and heading out! This audio was from Pixabay.


Chuckles is both Brave and Strong

Visual Assignment: Brave?

What is it to be Strong, to be Brave?

Being strong is facing setbacks and acknowledging life’s challenges, yet choosing to bounce back. Chuckles went through a rough childhood. Although, he prefers to keep personal information private, we do know that his childhood was not a happy one.

Being brave is engaging in personal growth and stepping out of your comfort zone to make life changes. Chuckles did this by becoming an architect and at nighttime focusing on making others laugh. He gave others what he never had, this is Chuckles being brave.