Film Fanatics & Fictional Friends

For my first audio assignment this week, I choose the Radio Bumper and put my own twist on it according to my radio show description.

My first step for this was creating a possible radio show name.

The description we have for my group is: Course character talk about pop culture/movies/tv in a talkshow/podcast type of vibe

I came up with name: Film Fanatics & Fictional Friends

The fictional friends in this case are all of our characters.

I wanted the audio in the sound to be neat, so I utilized a voice generator instead of me talking. Next, I used Pixabay for my intro and background music. The audio I used is called Big Band Show. I picked this one because it resembled almost an old time-y tv show intro and gave off fun vibes overall.

Here is my version of what could be the intro to my groups radio show!

In the beginning, the sound is very loud and out there. Then, the music turns into background sound as the actual intro is played. Finally, it picks back up and finishes out strong in hopes to get the listener enticed to what our characters have to say.

Were you all enticed?!


ds106 radio bumper

For my radio bumper, I wanted it to include aspects of one of my favorite things which is cars. Here it is:

In the beginning I added a seat buckling sound, to get the listeners ready for the message. This sound was from Fesliyan Studios.

Now my main audio source was the one and only Dr. Oblivion. I altered his voice to add some suspense when he said “wipe us all out”. Not that he needed anymore suspense to his preexisting voice, but just decided to have a bit fun with him.

Last but most certainly not least, at the very end I added an audio of a Formula 1 car zooming by. Signifying the end and heading out! This audio was from Pixabay.