Moon Graffiti

Audio storytelling is quite unique. When you have no visual to look at you pay more attention to what the people are saying and how they speak as well. Whereas, when you have a visual, you have more to see, leaving you with more distractions. Audio storytelling also allows you to envision and create your own interpretation of the scene based off of the audio.

The Moon Graffiti audio started off with the most intense scene. Captivating us listeners into the story. The whole time I was listening to it, there was an eerie feeling because of the background music they had added. At 7:08, when Buzz said “Neil, you gotta see this”, the eerie music even intensified. There was even a slight pause after Buzz called Neil’s name, adding more drama to the story.

I could also envision myself in space from this audio. As if I was an astronaut speaking through a radio to a colleague. You could hear the emptiness of space, their muffled voices, and movements as if you were there.