Daily Create: Slinkies, Poems, & More

For week 12, we had three daily creates.

I started off with the eclipse poem, which I did a fairly simple version of it.

Poem: set out for a solar eclipse

The eclipse was enough art itself so for the poem, I kept it simple. Here’s a picture I took of it that day. We couldn’t find any glasses so my dad took an X-ray film, but he had it doubled for extra safety so it had some shadows but still looked great!

For my second daily create of the week, I created a slinky!

When I saw this daily create, I was honestly tired of these cool art tools, because I have done like five various ones at this point. However, I ended up accidentally creating a slinky and then I got excited about it! The only thing is that you can’t see the individual circles of it, which I tried to get it to have that aspect, but unfortunately it did not work.

Finally, my last daily create was what’s on the internet. For this, I choose to make it with what I’ve been seeing recently on the internet which is relatable memes.

On The Internet …

Are some really funny and relatable memes.

Here’s a relatable one I’ve been seeing lately:


Dr. Oblivion Trading Card

For my last daily create of this week, we made our own version of a trading card! Now I would like to begin this post by mentioning that I know absolutely nothing about trading cards, maybe I live under a rock or something I don’t know but I’ve never heard of it. With that being said I hope I did it correctly.

I wasn’t quite sure of what or who to put on there so yes, I threw Dr. Oblivion under the bus, I hope he doesn’t mind. He’s been a big part of this class so I treated this like a review on him. Let’s breakdown the four categories I gave him. The first one is seriousness, which is really obvious to point out even if you just listen to him once, therefore, I gave him a 100 on that. Next is friendliness, where I gave him a 15 but he only got the 15 because maybe he tries to be friendly, so some points for effort. The reason his score is so low is because I told him to make a joke and he said, “I don’t have time to make jokes, I have to prevent from AI taking over the world.” Next is appearance, where he got a 27 and that’s because it’s the same facial expressions and outfit we see every time. He could step up his game more to make it more entertaining to listen to, because I’m tired of now! Lastly, is how informative he is, where he got an 86. I took off 14 points because sometimes I feel like he is excessive in his responses, there have been multiple instances where I feel like he could have gotten to the point much faster.

I hope I did this correctly, let me know what scores/points you would give him!


Sips & Smiles

The second daily create I did for this week is of something that made me smile that day. This week I had a lot going on in classes as well as a week long of events for a club I am in, MSA. After one of the events, my good friend and I made a quick trip up north to Tysons Galleria for a coffee I had been craving all month!

This past almost month now, I have been fasting and almost every coffee shop closes super early except for Shotted in Tysons. Their pistachio latte is truly amazing. I love it so much that I drove an hour there and back for it, and it was the perfect end to my day. Here is what made me smile:

I think only coffee drinkers can truly understand that first sip feeling. It feels like a refreshment and makes me forget about my entire day. Leaves you feeling happy and energized for sure.

I have even tried remaking their pistachio latte at home, but it’s missing some sweetness that Shotted adds that I quite haven’t figured out yet. I made a little video on me recreating it which I will attach on to here.


Cats In Amazon

A website I use frequently for various things is Amazon. With that being said, it is definitely not my favorite since it takes all my money!!!

For my first daily create of the week, I looked through the source code of Amazon’s website. When looking through it, I put on my computer scientist hat and kept scrolling and scrolling to see how they are running their website. That is what led me to scrolling to the very end. Which is where I found a surprise…..

It was such a cute and unexpected surprise. The next thing I did for this daily create is took the screenshot of the source code to Canva for a little more creativity. At the bottom, I added paw prints and changed the colors on it to add a fading out effect. Then, I added a cat to the side who seems to be climbing up but in this case the cat is scrolling up through the page to check out some Amazon source code! Lastly, I went to Pinterest for a cat background for this post.

You can view the screenshot and what I created at the bottom of this page.

That’s all I had for this one, I think it looks purrrrfect!


Household Chores and The Codfather

Week 10 Daily Creates

For my first one of this week, I had to change a letter in the title of a book or movie. I chose The Godfather and turned it into The Codfather. Now, it is a family-run seafood empire! Here is how I would redesign it:

The next daily create I did was to combine a game you like with a chore to make it somewhat more enjoyable.

The game I chose is Ludo. Ludo is a traditional game played in South Asian countries. Growing up in Pakistan, I always played this game and still do when I visit my cousins back home. It can get very competitive and loud, and lots of accusations of cheating. It is similar to the board game “Trouble”.

Now my least favorite chose is washing dishes. In many ethnic households, using the dishwasher to wash the dishes is very uncommon. We hand wash them individually and it actually satisfies us that they truly got cleaned! The reason I hate washing them is the dish soap dries out my hands completely and the scent stays on as well for a little while. Now you could wear gloves, but my issue with that is if your nails are even slightly too long, they will rip and the water will find its way in. Which to me is even more gross.

So I combined Ludo with this chore. Since Ludo is a game played by more than one player, we would be playing to see how many dishes each player would have to wash. In Ludo, you roll a six and are lucky, but in this you roll a six and wash six dishes! Similarly, you would still get to move six spots ahead. Therefore the basics of the game are the same but the number you roll also means the amount of dishes you must clean.


Four Seater Bicycle

This Daily Create is brought to you by imagination and AI! I had to redesign a bicycle with a modern feature while keeping it nature friendly of course.

For my post, I used Craiyon, an AI image generator. I gave it the following prompt: solar electric bike for four people.

It gave me the following image:

I chose to do a classic two wheel bike, except this one can SEAT FOUR people! Additionally, it uses a solar panel to operate. I think this would be great to have especially because it includes a sun shade as well. Don’t know about the safety on this but thank you Craiyon for creating this unique bicycle for not only me but some friends as well!


The Letter C

For my first Daily Create of the week, I had a bit of a weird one.

We were provided a prompt from @MagicRealismBot and had to figure out what happens next.

The provided prompt was:

A witch smokes a cigarette in a city. She is thinking about the letter “C”. There is a hobbit standing right behind her.

I continued it with the following on Mastodon:

The hobbit has a mischievous grin as he tilts his head and asks, “What secrets lie within the letter C?”

The witch becomes intrigued of his similar sense of curiosity and smiles down at the hobbit.

Later they are both spotted walking down a dark, mysterious path heading to explore the mysteries of the letter C.

My thought process for this was to keep it mysterious since the prompt itself was too. I also wanted to make the two characters amiable and adventurous. Therefore, I had the witch smile at the hobbit and they were both seen heading to explore the mysteries together.

Here’s an image on what I think the hobbit would look like:

Now what do I think is behind the letter C? Coffee of course. Both the characters are now on the way to explore the best cafe and what it has to offer.


Endangered Poetry

For my second Daily Create, I chose to have ChatGPT help me out with it since our class theme is AI.

I gave ChatGPT the following prompt: make up some really cool short poem and write it in some cool format

It generated the following:

Now here’s where I had some trouble. On my Mastodon post, I was able to paste what I had copied from ChatGPT with no problems. The format and spacing were all the same. Now when I pasted this onto here, it did not keep the same format or space so I had to manually add all the spaces. Additionally, Mastodon has a text limit so I was unable to include the entire poem on there. However, I included the entire poem on here!

I added a really cool background picture that I got from Pinterest to add some more creativity to it. It made it so much better in my opinion. The picture helps incorporate the stars and darkness as discussed in the poem and really ties it all together!


Ferrari At The House

Daily Create – Old & New

If I haven’t previously expressed my interest in cars, this post should do it! When I saw TDC post on Mastodon, I instantly wanted to put a new car in front of an old house. So I went straight to Canva to start creating! I found an image of an old house and a driveway from Google and pasted those both on Canva. Last but most certainly not least, the Ferrari 812 GTS, a luxury sports car with a horsepower of 788.

Here is my creation of old and new:

The house image was perfect since it had a person walking out of the house. Making it seem like the man is trying to enter his brand new car. Who knows, maybe he lives two different lives or just likes to keep his house the way it is!

Here is my post on Mastodon.


Always Caffeinated

Daily Create – My Addiction

This next Daily Create was something that I am addicted to and cannot go without. Of course, the answer to this is coffee. Both my character and I are quite fond of it.

There’s something about a latte that just creates the perfect morning for me, I cannot go without it. Also, the double shots of espresso definitely help me get through my day.

Whether I’m 40,000 feet in the air or headed to class, I need my latte.

Here’s a picture I took of my latte and dessert while on a flight.
And this really pretty latte from NYC. Although it was scrumptious it was $9….

If I were to share the pictures of my addiction, this would be an endless post. One thing I wanted to add on this post was my current coffee situation. This month is Ramadan, which is a sacred month in Islam where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset! Meaning I cannot indulge in my morning lattes. I do still make my lattes once I break my fast, but I just have to be careful because it does keep me up for most of the night!

Here’s my post on Mastodon!