Film Review – Revised

The film Superintelligence, reflects on the evolving understanding of artificial intelligence in society.

Dr. Oblivion was able to assist me in altering my original review a bit.

Right off the bat, AI utilized the voice of James Corden to catch Carol’s attention since that is her favorite celebrity. This choice demonstrates the AI’s ability to comprehend personal preferences and navigate within social dynamics. Through Carol, Superintelligence learns about human interactions. AI attempted to shape Carol’s life in order to win over George. It showcased its power that it has on multiple aspects of society throughout this movie with this one being a big one. I did not like how Superintelligence had Carol dress up fancier, gave her an expensive car, etc. These were all basically AI “buying” her happiness. AI did this in a way to ultimately impress George. Which is scary because AI took that over from social media and presented Carol a certain way to achieve a certain audience, which is George in this scenario.

In the beginning, AI had lost faith in humanity based off of Carol’s actions of not asking George to stay. However, when Carol had assisted George in packing, the AI’s faith had been restored. AI was able to pick up on a common human tendency which is when humans act against their self-interest.