Chuckles Reacts

Chuckles isn’t quite sure as to where he stands with AI and Aggressive Technologies. However, he has stated that he is not pleased with the takeover from Aggressive Technologies on his architect job. Chuckles has a lot more to say and more thoughts on Aggressive Technologies which can be found here. For now here is the next assignment of his reactions to a few designs and PSAs others produced.

First up is the propaganda picture by Marie. First thing I have to say is that Chuckles would have a great laugh seeing this post. He would also really get along with Marie. They share the same sense of humor and pretty much the same values. Overall, Chuckles enjoyed the incorporation of humor with this serious matter.

Next up is a Public Service Announcement by cat on a moped and Dr. Ravioli. Chuckles is not chuckling after hearing this PSA… A fully AI operated moped?! He has so many thoughts and concerns with this concept. This was not the news he wanted to hear this morning. He fears that the helmet could be useful but harmful at the same time. There’s always issues and risks with having something fully dependent on technology, and there’s not always a positive outcome from it.

Lastly, we have another propaganda poster, this one is by Sydney. Chuckles would not react well to this either. The first line is “We’ll think for you” and Chuckles says that first they will think for you, and next thing you know they are doing everything for you and trying to be you. The word trust is mentioned on their twice and Chuckles would be quick to inform you that you can never fully trust AI.