Tuning Into Ravioli Radio

The radio show I had listened to for this radio show listening was the Ravioli Radio.

Within the first minute I was already hooked. They started off with everyone speaking parts of the intro and all the different voices actually made it sound like a talk show! The first advertisement was super neat, it was just like one of the ones you see on TV that end with a very rapidly spoken disclaimer. The next thing that stood out to me was all of the background music. I would think of multiple different sounds as messy or chaotic but their utilization of different sounds was smooth and cohesive. The sounds also fit what they were saying each time. My favorite sound was their transition applause they had before every new section. It made the listener feel pumped and energized for the next one. The conversation aspect of the radio show allowed it to be more interactive as well instead of just hearing people talk all at once. It made it more engaging this way. I also liked the incorporation of facts and specifics they included like being from Germany and how mopeds are effective there for them and how they are better for the environment as well.

Overall, I had a really good experience listening to this radio. It wasn’t boring at all, there were various voices, jokes, and conversations. The background music helped tie it all together and kept it engaging. The advertisements were also really well executed and thought out. I think this was a great show!