Video Project: AI in Space & Skis

Let’s start this off with my video:

Now the story behind it:

I wanted to have my video incorporate AI and Dr. Oblivion. Therefore, I made Dr. Oblivion a CEO and Steve an employee at the company, World of Oblivion. Steve is an AI, specifically a robot who sits at his desk all day in front of his computer figuring out ways to increase his capabilities and efficiency for the company. Dr. Oblivion has recently been noticing how tired Steve is and he doesn’t want Steve to do any work wrong since his job is critical. Therefore, Dr. Oblivion tells Steve that he will be getting to go on a virtual vacation to take a break and recharge. Steve is confused at what that is but he is also intrigued so he decides to go. Steve gets to virtually explore skiing, the Eiffel Tower, and space! He has to do so virtually since he does not have the capabilities yet to endure freezing temperatures and outer space. When Steve returns he is energized and ready to successfully complete his work tasks leading to a happy boss and growing company!

My thought process:

When I was initially thinking of what to do, I knew it had to be something completely different than anything I’ve done before. That is to ensure that I can keep myself entertained while creating this and make it more creative since I’m starting from scratch. I choose the idea of vacation since it would be easy to find sound, images, and videos. I chose virtual because it could be easily displayed as well as it goes along with the AI theme. Going off the AI theme, I feel like lately AI has been utilized so much for various things. Just like when humans are working too hard and need a break, I made the story to where it’s AI’s aka Steve’s turn for a break/vacation. I started off with an intro of Steve and then went on to the actual story. Once the short story is complete, Dr.Oblivion ends the video off with a short goodbye message.

The tools I used:

This video has a mix of audio, videos, text, graphics, and AI-generated text-to-speech all edited into one video. I used Dr. Oblivion’s video for the parts of him speaking. To retrieve all of my videos and sounds, I used the site Pixabay. For my text-to-speech, I used an AI generator, TTSMP3. Lastly, I used Canva to put all the clips together and make one cohesive video. Additionally, the images/graphics on the slide along with the text was also from Canva.

Overall, I am proud of my video and I was able to do it the way I had planned to last week. I only wish it would be longer, but I didn’t want to keep adding on to the story to where the viewer wouldn’t know the main point. One thing I wasn’t able to get was Dr. Oblivion’s exact voice for his voiceovers. However, I did manage to find a voice online that sounded almost like him. Let me know what you guys think of it, hopefully you aren’t tired of seeing Dr. Oblivion by now!