Iceberg Right Ahead!

Visual Assignment

Create a GIF

I decided to combine the two most crucial scenes from the movie Titanic. One was when they hit the iceberg, and the other when the ship sank. Both did not occur at the same exact time, but I thought it was interesting to sum it into one scene for my gif.

I used GIF Maker to create the gif and Adobe Stock is where I retrieved the full video from.


Chuckles is both Brave and Strong

Visual Assignment: Brave?

What is it to be Strong, to be Brave?

Being strong is facing setbacks and acknowledging life’s challenges, yet choosing to bounce back. Chuckles went through a rough childhood. Although, he prefers to keep personal information private, we do know that his childhood was not a happy one.

Being brave is engaging in personal growth and stepping out of your comfort zone to make life changes. Chuckles did this by becoming an architect and at nighttime focusing on making others laugh. He gave others what he never had, this is Chuckles being brave.