Week 12 Summary

This week was a pretty easy one once the video was out of the way!

Besides that, we had three daily creates for this week, which were fairly easy and simple as well. You can read my daily create post to see what I created and see my view of the solar eclipse!

Now for the video project, this took some time to complete. I did it in about two days and I’m feeling pretty accomplished of it! I wrote on there my whole process and hope you guys enjoyed it.

Looking ahead.. now that seems like a lot of work we still have left. Nonetheless, ready to tackle on this final project!!


A Chaotic Week 11

This week was a chaotic mess for me. Still had to push through and keep it moving, but as a senior, luckily the finish line is VERY close.

I started off by doing all three of my daily creates. This was by far my favorite week of daily creates! From cats to coffee and all the way to trading cards?! It was a very versatile and adventurous week for sure. I do hope that everyone can let me know the points they think that Dr. Oblivion deserves. I would love to see what opinions everyone else has. Additionally, if you have extra time, let me know what you guys think about my pistachio latte video!

The next thing I did this week was tune into the Ravioli Radio. Even the name was making me hungry. I wasn’t able to attend the live listening sessions with the class since around 7pm is really hectic for me as we all are preparing to break our fasts at sunset! I listened to an upload a student made on their website, and wrote about my experience listening to it.

Lastly, we had to start planning out our video project. My video project plan thus far is very organized and structured with all the details of what I want in it. I hope I am able to stick with it and create a successful masterpiece. Additionally, I read my classmates’s ideas and left comments on there, they sound like great ideas too!

As always, I am open to any suggestions, hope you guys had a great week, can’t wait to see the projects next week!


Week 10 Wrapped

To kick off this post with a bang, tune in and listen to POP Perception!

I hope you guys enjoyed that beginning as much as my group and I are quite proud of it.

This week was pretty much easier once the radio show was out of the way and done. We had two daily creates and our radio show progress. Additionally, there was the usual commenting. So exciting to read and listen to what everyone has been creating the past two weeks!

During this week, I used a variety of tools. Canva for my daily create, and then Audacity, Pixabay, AI Text-To-Speech, and a specific JARVIS voice for the radio show. Learned a lot through trial and error, but planning and being organized helped me get through this week!


A Week in Sound

This week had a bit of a slow start for me. Let’s begin with the my Radio Show Progress. When you’re a hundred percent online, there are so many more ways miscommunication can occur. For me it occurred with being in touch with my group members. Through email, we were all in touch to be put in a group chat. Messages flew throughout the week with everyones numbers and someone mentioning creating a group chat but still I had no group chat. So I went on and did my assignments while I was waiting! I created a radio show poster and logo that can easily be edited with the final name of the show and more information on it as well!

Along with that I had my two audio assignments. The first one was creating an intro for the radio show, where I also came up with a name based off the description from the spreadsheet of radio shows. Next, I created my own assignment for the assignment bank where I made a radio show intermission. This one was one of my favorites I had done from this week.

Then, the silence in the email was getting questionable. So I reached out and then went ahead and created the group chat myself. Which is where moments later I found out that there was already a group chat and I was accidentally not placed in it. Although I was bummed to miss out on major discussions, things like this occur frequently and I’m aware there was no ill intention behind it! I did get caught up, but it was last minute and I had already completed my assignments on the radio show this week.

Now let’s move on to my Daily Creates, the three we had for this week.

The first was The Letter C, where I added on to some generated text and created (and solved) my own mystery of the witch and the hobbit. You can also find what I think the hobbit looks like on the post and my solved mystery as well!

The next one was Endangered Poetry, which I created with the help of ChatGPT. I added a background picture to match the theme and it turned out really well minus the minor inconvenience I had with copying and pasting the text.

Lastly, I created my own version of a bicycle with the help of who else? AI! It’s got two wheels, four seats, a solar panel, and a shade up top! With that being said, I will not advertise it any further since the safety is still not something I’m sure of.

Lastly, of course the comments. Mainly commented on people’s logos and posters as that was something I was looking forward to see!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s radio show projects next week, hope you all enjoyed my posts!


Week 8 Wrapped Up

I appreciate how this week had a slow start, it was much needed after spring break.

Starting off this week, I was having trouble finding a group for the radio shows. I had my name under the “looking for a group” but still had no luck. I then saw and read the description of the group created by Latifah, who then I contacted via email to join since it sparked my interest!

Moving forward, I started with my first daily create, When Two Worlds Collide. If it wasn’t for these daily creates, I would’ve never known about these art tools. I love playing around with the tools and having my own interpretation of the art.

My next daily create was my addiction – Always Caffeinated. Here I also shared how I am fasting this month and how I’m working around my coffee addiction. Additionally, the delicious latte I was served while being 40,000 feet in the air!

Next, was the assignment of the week, AI Sales Pitch. Where I explored an AI tool, AI Room Planner. Here I discussed the functionality of the overall tool and why Aggressive Technologies should acquire this tool. It’s a really fun and interactive website that offers various styles you can configure your room to be and find some inspiration. However, the tool does require a few tweaks for it to function more accurately.

Lastly, the third and final daily create of the week which was the Ferrari At The House. I could talk about cars all day long! I chose a Ferrari since it’s my favorite F1 team!

Hope you all had a great week, can’t wait to get started on the radio shows!


Week 7 Summary

Up first I have my daily creates! This was definitely my favorite collection out of all of the weeks so far. I got to incorporate the sound aspect through the oscillator, AI generated me a very cool image, and I got to post something pure of mine!

Next up Chuckles reacts to some propaganda designs and PSAs.

Then I created my own PSA relating to my character and AI. I choose a background music on there similar to ads on tv like they use when promoting a health care device or something similar. However, in my case I’m promoting AI and humans working together!

Last but most certainly not least, my propaganda design and its connection with my character Charles Chuckles Smith. For this, I did a Keep Calm poster with my own twist on it and by incorporating the best feature of Chuckles – his smile. To end this week off on a good note, keep calm and laugh on – Chuckles.


Caffeine, Sounds, Traveling, & more : Week 6 Summary

This week was a short and quick one. I chose option B and had a great time creating all of my videos. To start this off I have my daily creates.

Now for more exciting stuff, I have my three video assignments from the assignment bank! The first assignment I chose to do was the get ready with me. Since there wasn’t any restrictions of what your get ready had to include, I made my video on how I start my mornings off with my coffee! From beginning to end I included all of my steps on what I do for this process.

Next, I created a trending TikTok video. This one was my favorite video ever! I had been seeing this trend this past week and i’m so glad I had the opportunity to create it for this assignment. It took a lot of time and patience however. First, I looked through my 19,000 some pictures to find the right ones for this video. Then, I had to put them all together in a cohesive way so that they would flow smoothly. Cropping them each took so much patience! Finally, I put the lyrics and sound over the video. Let me know your opinions on it, I would love to hear feedback!!!

Finally, for my last video assignment I chose to do the TikTok of your pet. I did it about my pet cat, Bumi, who’s constantly up to new things. Watch him licking the faucet and get caught.

Lastly, I worked on Developing my character more and his experience and opinion of Aggressive technologies! You can read more about Chuckles here.


Week 5 Video Storytelling Summary

This week was a quick, simple, and easy one.

However, we did have plenty of content to read and watch to learn enough information on Video Storytelling. I reviewed A.I. 187 for this assignment.

Then we updated our goals for this class and made sure we were right on track! Can’t really make this post eye catching or entertaining, so I played around with the title! If you’re familiar with the Kardashians, you’ll understand the title.

If you are not, they have show called Keeping up with The Kardashians, ha ha ha I hope you got it know…

Lastly, to make you hungry, I have some cookies for you. Just kidding, sorry I meant internet cookies served with a compliment and then my version of poetry!

Overall, solid week, I hope you guys did great too, can’t wait to see next week’s posts!


Week 4 Summary

This week was a big one!!!!

Experimenting with the world of audio was new to me as I’m more into the visual side of things. I like social media a lot, and the most I do with audio is adding songs. So it was nice to do something completely new for once!

I first started off with the moon graffiti assignment. The main thing I remember from this one is being able to visualize and create my own scenes based off of what I was hearing.

I also have my daily creates of the week.

Moving on to the radio bumper assignment, which was my favorite of the week since I got to include an F1 car audio in it.

Now I have some breaking news to share!!!! Wait never mind got too excited, it’s just my assignment bank 🙂

I was truly hungry doing this assignment, that I even made it about food. Except those chewing sounds are thankfully not me!

The last assignment bank was music to my ears (literally). Please listen to my little musical masterpiece

Lastly, I have my brainstorming for radio show ideas.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my posts and had as much fun as I did!


Week 3 Summary

Phew, made it another week. My week was packed with multiple things, but the material for this course was pretty light. So far I learned a lot more in this week’s material and had more fun as well!

My absolute favorite activity of the week was the Photoblitz activity. I hope you all enjoy reading through it as much as I did creating it!

Next was the design reflections where I felt like I learned the most.

I unintentionally created a theme for this week’s assignments. Hopefully you can pick it up on this next assignment, demystifying AI.

Lastly, I have my two bank assignments.

Read my visual assignment about how Chuckles is both brave and strong.

And finally, I hope I didn’t sink your ship with all my work.