Assignment Bank: Week Two

  1. Destination Poster
My destination poster is of my aunt’s house in Pakistan. It is very common to decorate and hang lights in celebration of weddings! I took this picture December 2023, when I visited my home country to attend weddings and eat delicious street food!

2. Make a Simple Program

Since our course theme is AI and we need to relate two of our three assignments to AI, I thought why not let AI do the next one! I had provided ChatGpt with a simple request and within seconds it had delivered my answer. As a computer science student, we are not allowed to utilize ChatGpt to write our code so although it felt weird to utilize it, it only felt right for this theme! (Utilizing ChatGpt to write code is not a good idea anyway, it’s not 100% accurate).

3. My Wellness Check

What worries me about the future?

What do I want most in my life?

When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?