A Week in Sound

This week had a bit of a slow start for me. Let’s begin with the my Radio Show Progress. When you’re a hundred percent online, there are so many more ways miscommunication can occur. For me it occurred with being in touch with my group members. Through email, we were all in touch to be put in a group chat. Messages flew throughout the week with everyones numbers and someone mentioning creating a group chat but still I had no group chat. So I went on and did my assignments while I was waiting! I created a radio show poster and logo that can easily be edited with the final name of the show and more information on it as well!

Along with that I had my two audio assignments. The first one was creating an intro for the radio show, where I also came up with a name based off the description from the spreadsheet of radio shows. Next, I created my own assignment for the assignment bank where I made a radio show intermission. This one was one of my favorites I had done from this week.

Then, the silence in the email was getting questionable. So I reached out and then went ahead and created the group chat myself. Which is where moments later I found out that there was already a group chat and I was accidentally not placed in it. Although I was bummed to miss out on major discussions, things like this occur frequently and I’m aware there was no ill intention behind it! I did get caught up, but it was last minute and I had already completed my assignments on the radio show this week.

Now let’s move on to my Daily Creates, the three we had for this week.

The first was The Letter C, where I added on to some generated text and created (and solved) my own mystery of the witch and the hobbit. You can also find what I think the hobbit looks like on the post and my solved mystery as well!

The next one was Endangered Poetry, which I created with the help of ChatGPT. I added a background picture to match the theme and it turned out really well minus the minor inconvenience I had with copying and pasting the text.

Lastly, I created my own version of a bicycle with the help of who else? AI! It’s got two wheels, four seats, a solar panel, and a shade up top! With that being said, I will not advertise it any further since the safety is still not something I’m sure of.

Lastly, of course the comments. Mainly commented on people’s logos and posters as that was something I was looking forward to see!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s radio show projects next week, hope you all enjoyed my posts!

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