Adding Captions & Music

For this week we had two daily creates.

For the first one I picked to do, we had to add some parade music to the following photo:

To me this picture gave off eerie vibes with the black and white and they way the men are dressed and standing. When the word eerie came to my mind, I instantly thought of this cartoon I used to watch known as Courage the Cowardly Dog. I chose the theme song since it give me an old-timey parade vibe with the instruments used. (Obviously haven’t attended one but this was my best interpretation of one!)

Here is the song:

For my next daily create, I had to think of what the Canadian Prime Minister was agreeing to do with Asimo the Robot.

Here is what I thought of and created:

Prime Minister Trudeau just agreed for Asimo the Robot to replace Dr.Oblivion!

I really hope Dr.Oblivion does not find out about this one!!

Here is the link to my posts on Mastodon.

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