For my Public Service Announcement, I chose to do it about AI and incorporate what Chuckles, my character would say about AI as well.

It says, “AI is like a really eager intern – it’s here to help, but it still needs us to show it where the coffee machine is. Let’s guide it toward success together! After all, we can be more efficient and accomplish much more if we combine our capabilities.”

I used an online text to speech generator to generate my audio. For my background music, I used the Eco Technology sound from Pixabay. For editing everything, I used my absolute favorite – Audacity and finally, SoundCloud to upload it!

Just like my character, I myself think we shouldn’t fully rely on AI. With that being said, AI is useful, we should not cut it out of the picture. Instead, we must work together with it. AI needs our help which is why I added the intern reference in there and we need its help as well!

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