Another Week Down!

This week was an interesting one. Had a rough start, but positive finish at the end. The multiple interactions with Dr. Oblivion was what made it most interesting. Having to communicate with him for the assignments was refreshing to have someone speak, but creepy since it was him with his creepy voice!

I started off by changing my layout for my blog, and I hope it only gets better from here. Following that, I did my three assignment bank activities. Touched a bit on home, my major, and checked in with myself!

Now, for my highlight of the week, my character Chuck Chuckles Smith! Chuckles kept me going this week to be honest.

Next was my review. Quite an interesting article is all I have to say.

Lastly, I present to you my re written film review! Where I sort of was losing my mind talking to a AI.

Can’t wait to be back for next week!

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