Caffeine, Sounds, Traveling, & more : Week 6 Summary

This week was a short and quick one. I chose option B and had a great time creating all of my videos. To start this off I have my daily creates.

Now for more exciting stuff, I have my three video assignments from the assignment bank! The first assignment I chose to do was the get ready with me. Since there wasn’t any restrictions of what your get ready had to include, I made my video on how I start my mornings off with my coffee! From beginning to end I included all of my steps on what I do for this process.

Next, I created a trending TikTok video. This one was my favorite video ever! I had been seeing this trend this past week and i’m so glad I had the opportunity to create it for this assignment. It took a lot of time and patience however. First, I looked through my 19,000 some pictures to find the right ones for this video. Then, I had to put them all together in a cohesive way so that they would flow smoothly. Cropping them each took so much patience! Finally, I put the lyrics and sound over the video. Let me know your opinions on it, I would love to hear feedback!!!

Finally, for my last video assignment I chose to do the TikTok of your pet. I did it about my pet cat, Bumi, who’s constantly up to new things. Watch him licking the faucet and get caught.

Lastly, I worked on Developing my character more and his experience and opinion of Aggressive technologies! You can read more about Chuckles here.

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