Chuckles Thoughts on Aggressive Technologies

Chuckles has been working as an architect for many years, almost a decade now. It has been his favorite 9-5 day job. Chuckles had put blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours studying architecture. He got his Bachelor’s from Cornell University and then a Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia. In conclusion, he spent 6 years studying to be an architect. Chuckles has recently found out about Aggressive Technologies and them taking over his entire career and hard work. He says that human architects should not be replaced with AI, and that they will never deliver in the same way. He recognizes that technology is a growing aspect in our society, but that does not mean it should start replacing the jobs of humans. Chuckles has worked way too hard for some AI to come in and takeover. I mean AI isn’t the one with two degrees hanging over their bed…

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