Daily Create: Slinkies, Poems, & More

For week 12, we had three daily creates.

I started off with the eclipse poem, which I did a fairly simple version of it.

Poem: set out for a solar eclipse

The eclipse was enough art itself so for the poem, I kept it simple. Here’s a picture I took of it that day. We couldn’t find any glasses so my dad took an X-ray film, but he had it doubled for extra safety so it had some shadows but still looked great!

For my second daily create of the week, I created a slinky!

When I saw this daily create, I was honestly tired of these cool art tools, because I have done like five various ones at this point. However, I ended up accidentally creating a slinky and then I got excited about it! The only thing is that you can’t see the individual circles of it, which I tried to get it to have that aspect, but unfortunately it did not work.

Finally, my last daily create was what’s on the internet. For this, I choose to make it with what I’ve been seeing recently on the internet which is relatable memes.

On The Internet …

Are some really funny and relatable memes.

Here’s a relatable one I’ve been seeing lately:

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