Demystifying AI

The first image generator that I decided to use was Stable Diffusion.

The following statement was what I asked for it to provide me with: create an image of someone cooking Pakistani food in a kitchen

This was the image I got back:

Personally, this wasn’t enough for me (not in terms of dishes, I mean the vibe all together).

So I gave it the following description: create an image of someone cooking a variety of luscious Pakistani food in a kitchen decorated with fancy plates and color around the room

The image I received back was

I tried about three more times, and I was disappointed with the results. It kept generating the same type of dishes and the architecture in the room was the same as well.

The next image generator I tried was Craiyon.

I fed it the following description: create me an image of a someone cooking a variety of mouth watering Pakistani cuisine with a fancy and colorful appearance overall

The image I received from them was the following:

I found this website to be the most inaccurate and frustrating. It displayed me 9 images each time, and none of them met the criteria.

This is why I always say that you can never fully rely on AI.

AI image generators is a threat to artists. The way I see it as is that artists put thought, effort, time, blood, sweat, tears and so much work into their pieces. Whereas for these image generators all someone is doing is sitting behind a screen and coming up with a description to feed AI. I find that in this way, the concept of art if gone… lost in translation.

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