Dr. Oblivion Trading Card

For my last daily create of this week, we made our own version of a trading card! Now I would like to begin this post by mentioning that I know absolutely nothing about trading cards, maybe I live under a rock or something I don’t know but I’ve never heard of it. With that being said I hope I did it correctly.

I wasn’t quite sure of what or who to put on there so yes, I threw Dr. Oblivion under the bus, I hope he doesn’t mind. He’s been a big part of this class so I treated this like a review on him. Let’s breakdown the four categories I gave him. The first one is seriousness, which is really obvious to point out even if you just listen to him once, therefore, I gave him a 100 on that. Next is friendliness, where I gave him a 15 but he only got the 15 because maybe he tries to be friendly, so some points for effort. The reason his score is so low is because I told him to make a joke and he said, “I don’t have time to make jokes, I have to prevent from AI taking over the world.” Next is appearance, where he got a 27 and that’s because it’s the same facial expressions and outfit we see every time. He could step up his game more to make it more entertaining to listen to, because I’m tired of now! Lastly, is how informative he is, where he got an 86. I took off 14 points because sometimes I feel like he is excessive in his responses, there have been multiple instances where I feel like he could have gotten to the point much faster.

I hope I did this correctly, let me know what scores/points you would give him!

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