Endangered Poetry

For my second Daily Create, I chose to have ChatGPT help me out with it since our class theme is AI.

I gave ChatGPT the following prompt: make up some really cool short poem and write it in some cool format

It generated the following:

Now here’s where I had some trouble. On my Mastodon post, I was able to paste what I had copied from ChatGPT with no problems. The format and spacing were all the same. Now when I pasted this onto here, it did not keep the same format or space so I had to manually add all the spaces. Additionally, Mastodon has a text limit so I was unable to include the entire poem on there. However, I included the entire poem on here!

I added a really cool background picture that I got from Pinterest to add some more creativity to it. It made it so much better in my opinion. The picture helps incorporate the stars and darkness as discussed in the poem and really ties it all together!

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