Final Project – Almost at the Finish Line

Week 14 Summary

Straight to the good stuff – my final project:

I put a lot of thought, planning, and effort in making this video, so I hope you all enjoyed it and learned something from it as well!

My thought process:

I wanted to incorporate and highlights parts of my character, myself, and the AI theme of this course. My character and I both love coffee, therefore, the setting of this video is in a cafe. I also snuck in my favorite iced latte recommendation in there. Additionally, I have background music that’s playing nonstop in the back, giving it more of a coffee shop vibe. Lastly, the topic of discussion is AI, in particularly some pros and cons and examples of each as well to make it a more informative video. I wanted to make this interactive as well so I created a GoogleForm where at the end viewers can visit the form and list of their pros and cons based off of their experiences with AI.

Tools used:

  • I used YouTube for uploading my video
  • A free text-to-speech generator for my audio
  • Pixabay for my coffee shop background music
  • GoogleForm to create my pros and cons form
  • Canva to create the video
  • Pexels is where I found all the video clips

I incorporated audio, text, videos, sound, AI, my character, editing, and an interactive aspect throughout my project. I cut the text to fit the clip where the audio was spoken. However, I wanted to to generate the text as the audio played, but I could not get that to align properly and work. Besides that, there isn’t anything that I wish I could change or do better, I am pretty happy with how it all came out together!

To wrap up this week, I opted out of the daily creates just to give myself more time to focus on this final project. Now I’m off to view all of my classmates projects!

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