Household Chores and The Codfather

Week 10 Daily Creates

For my first one of this week, I had to change a letter in the title of a book or movie. I chose The Godfather and turned it into The Codfather. Now, it is a family-run seafood empire! Here is how I would redesign it:

The next daily create I did was to combine a game you like with a chore to make it somewhat more enjoyable.

The game I chose is Ludo. Ludo is a traditional game played in South Asian countries. Growing up in Pakistan, I always played this game and still do when I visit my cousins back home. It can get very competitive and loud, and lots of accusations of cheating. It is similar to the board game “Trouble”.

Now my least favorite chose is washing dishes. In many ethnic households, using the dishwasher to wash the dishes is very uncommon. We hand wash them individually and it actually satisfies us that they truly got cleaned! The reason I hate washing them is the dish soap dries out my hands completely and the scent stays on as well for a little while. Now you could wear gloves, but my issue with that is if your nails are even slightly too long, they will rip and the water will find its way in. Which to me is even more gross.

So I combined Ludo with this chore. Since Ludo is a game played by more than one player, we would be playing to see how many dishes each player would have to wash. In Ludo, you roll a six and are lucky, but in this you roll a six and wash six dishes! Similarly, you would still get to move six spots ahead. Therefore the basics of the game are the same but the number you roll also means the amount of dishes you must clean.

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