Keep Calm and…

Laugh on!!! – Chuckles

To complete this propaganda design assignment, I used Adobe Express. This class urges you to utilize various and new digital tools, so I decided to give my usual Canva a break and try something new – Adobe! Luckily, both platforms are quite literally the same so it was not difficult to find tools and editing features.

Now the story behind this poster… As we all know now Chuckles is a very bright (inside and outside) individual. You can read more about his characteristics here. Since he is an architect, I chose the background to be buildings. Not just any buildings though, I chose colorful ones to represent Chuckles’s colorful personality. His to go line is “feeling down? keep calm and laugh on”. When choosing the font I wanted to go with simple, big, and bold lettering. Now what I love about Adobe Express was its different text layout features. In particular the Bow text layout which I used for the words “laugh on”. This fit so perfectly because it resembles the shape of a smile. The overall appearance I wanted for the poster was bright, lively, and simple.

Now finally for the last aspect of the poster, the line that says, “even if AI is watching you”. Chuckles has a love hate relationship with AI. He thinks its great and useful to an extent. However, since AI has been integrated everywhere, he feels like he’s being watched. Reading the keep calm line after AI is watching you, should help keep you calm says Chuckles!

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