Poetry & Compliments

The first daily create I did this week was to compliment back the Compliment Bot on Mastodon. To do this, I created a poster on Canva.

Since it is a bot, and we had to leave a kind message, I called it a smart cookie 🙂 I hope everyone understood the incorporation of internet cookies…

The next daily create was about our favorite poem.

Some context: I was born in Pakistan and my primary language is Urdu. For those how know it, Urdu is known to be a very romantic and poetic language. Growing up and even know I only read Shayari, which is Urdu poetry.

I have lots of favorite shayari but I picked one of the shorter ones for this.

Aas milan ki jaag rahi hai

translation: there’s hope to meet

One issue I have with translating shayari, is that often times the meaning gets lost in translation and it does not have the same effect when reading the English translation 🙁

I hope you guys enjoyed my cookies, compliments, and poetry!

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