Radio Show Poster

I wanted to start off the assignment with the poster itself because I think it came out so good! I wanted to keep it simple while also having it be eye catching. I went with a bulls eyes effect in the middle to grab attention similar to the hypnotic circles. However, the purpose is not to hypnotize anyone, therefore, I added a huge, bright, and colorful radio in the middle. I used Canva throughout the entire process of creating this as it’s something I’ve become very familiar and quite fond of. I added a curved statement around the main part so that viewers know the purpose of this poster. I like the curved text aspect since it looks less boring than a straight line of text. Also, it blends seamlessly with what I created.

Since my group and I have not made much progress on the actual project yet, there is a lot of missing information for this poster. For example, I would incorporate the show name in there somehow once it is finalized. Additionally, a catchphrase or slogan would be a good addition as well. There are also optional details one could add to this like a date, time, and location. Also, if this is an ongoing podcast for example, you could add the topic/movie/tv show that will be discussed.

Now for fun, I also added a possible logo based off of the poster I created.

It’s the same thing but this time, the main part of it would be centered and the two text boxes would be changed accordingly.

Something I’m not quite sure of would be the colors. Mainly the background color. It looks quite boring but anything else was a distraction to the main part, so I just kept it as is.

Hope you guys like it!

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