Sips & Smiles

The second daily create I did for this week is of something that made me smile that day. This week I had a lot going on in classes as well as a week long of events for a club I am in, MSA. After one of the events, my good friend and I made a quick trip up north to Tysons Galleria for a coffee I had been craving all month!

This past almost month now, I have been fasting and almost every coffee shop closes super early except for Shotted in Tysons. Their pistachio latte is truly amazing. I love it so much that I drove an hour there and back for it, and it was the perfect end to my day. Here is what made me smile:

I think only coffee drinkers can truly understand that first sip feeling. It feels like a refreshment and makes me forget about my entire day. Leaves you feeling happy and energized for sure.

I have even tried remaking their pistachio latte at home, but it’s missing some sweetness that Shotted adds that I quite haven’t figured out yet. I made a little video on me recreating it which I will attach on to here.

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