Superintelligence: Film Review

AI applications, such as ChatGPT have enhanced storytelling and making art on the web. Just recently there has been a trend on TikTok with users utilizing ChatGPT to create a story or an art masterpiece. For example, one type of story I have seen users create via ChatGPT is a cooking story. It’s like a recipe book, except it’s visuals and similar to a children’s storybook. Another trend I have seen is users asking ChatGPT to create lavish cultural weddings. AI applications have gone above and beyond with the details, traditions, and much more that it depicts on the wedding images it creates. Personally, I feel that we should use AI, but not for everything. It can be utilized and is sometimes beneficial in understanding various topics and explaining subjects more in depth. With that being said, you should take the information provided by AI with a grain of salt. One should not fully trust it to be accurate.

The AI film I chose to watch is called Superintelligence, which was released in the year 2020. First off, I would like to share that overall I enjoyed the movie. The first detail in which I had a reaction to was when the AI utilized the voice of James Corden. Since Carol’s favorite celebrity is James Corden, the AI strategically utilized his voice so she would not freak out as much. This just goes to prove how advanced AI is and how it knows and can process so much information. I liked how super intelligence was able to learn about human interactions based off of how Carol interacted with others. For example, at first the AI had lost faith in humanity when Carol did not ask George to stay. It learned an aspect of humans that oftentimes they do not do what is in their best interest. However, later when Carol goes to help George pack, the AI’s faith in humanity is restored. That is because super intelligence noticed that ultimately Carol cared for George and she let him enjoy his happy moments before leaving instead of informing him of the AI’s plan for the world. The one aspect portrayed that I did not like was how Carol was dressed up fancier, given an expensive car, basically AI was “buying” her happiness. AI did this in a way to ultimately impress George. Which is scary because AI took that over from social media and presented Carol a certain way to achieve a certain audience, which is George in this scenario. AI definitely showed the power that it has on multiple aspects of society through this movie.

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