Week 2 Radio Show Progress

This week was much more successful in making progress than my last week! I started off the week finally in communication with my group members who were all so kind! We figured out what movies we were each going to pick and established a team deadline to have our sections done by.

Three out of the four of us were going to each talk about one of the Spider-mans. I had picked Tobey McGuire, not realizing what I was getting myself into. I quickly realized that the movie Tobey was in was made in 2002 and did not have any AI aspects. He was also featured in No Way Home, but again no AI was associated with Tobey, his web was even made from within his body. I realized I needed to change my topic immediately! Our group was centered around Marvel, which besides Spider-man, I don’t watch other Marvel movies, so I was unfamiliar of the rest. However, I did know that Iron Man was the mentor to Spider-man. Therefore, I quickly switched gears and went towards Tony Stark and his companion JARVIS, who is all AI. Luckily, this made it so much easier to work with.

First I got started on getting a bit more knowledge on JARVIS and Iron Man. I took some notes and then started writing down my script. I chose to write it down so when I would speak, it would be organized and smooth. Once my script was done, I opened up Audacity and got to work! I added my intermission at the end and various other sound effects throughout my section. Additionally, Chuckles also was given an AI voice. To start off my script, I had a JARVIS like AI voice read in a good morning message that JARVIS left for Tony Stark in the movie. Then I went on to have Chuckles make a quick joke since that’s his thing. I then proceeded with the actual discussion afterwards. Here is my completed section:

My intermission was fully used in the final radio show, and along with that, parts of my intermission sound was played when transitioning to each of my team member’s sections! Luckily, with starting off a bit behind, I had my section in on time and we were all able to complete it into one amazing piece of work!

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