Week 4 Summary

This week was a big one!!!!

Experimenting with the world of audio was new to me as I’m more into the visual side of things. I like social media a lot, and the most I do with audio is adding songs. So it was nice to do something completely new for once!

I first started off with the moon graffiti assignment. The main thing I remember from this one is being able to visualize and create my own scenes based off of what I was hearing.

I also have my daily creates of the week.

Moving on to the radio bumper assignment, which was my favorite of the week since I got to include an F1 car audio in it.

Now I have some breaking news to share!!!! Wait never mind got too excited, it’s just my assignment bank 🙂

I was truly hungry doing this assignment, that I even made it about food. Except those chewing sounds are thankfully not me!

The last assignment bank was music to my ears (literally). Please listen to my little musical masterpiece

Lastly, I have my brainstorming for radio show ideas.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my posts and had as much fun as I did!

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