Week 5 Video Storytelling Summary

This week was a quick, simple, and easy one.

However, we did have plenty of content to read and watch to learn enough information on Video Storytelling. I reviewed A.I. 187 for this assignment.

Then we updated our goals for this class and made sure we were right on track! Can’t really make this post eye catching or entertaining, so I played around with the title! If you’re familiar with the Kardashians, you’ll understand the title.

If you are not, they have show called Keeping up with The Kardashians, ha ha ha I hope you got it know…

Lastly, to make you hungry, I have some cookies for you. Just kidding, sorry I meant internet cookies served with a compliment and then my version of poetry!

Overall, solid week, I hope you guys did great too, can’t wait to see next week’s posts!

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