Week 7 Daily Creates

This week we had to complete three daily creates.

The first one was a picture of something pure. I was looking through my photos since I wanted it to be something of meaning for me. I came across a plate of fresh rose petals I was holding from a wedding that I had attended. In Pakistani culture, it is common to throw fresh rose petals on the opposite side when they enter.

Here is the picture I uploaded for that and the post on Mastodon!

The next one was a net art generator. Cool concept but they only allow a certain limit each day 🙁

My keyword search was hungry hippo and although I was so excited to get an image out of it, this is what I got.

Like I said I was excited for my outcome… so I generated it today!!

This was so epic, I truly loved it. For sure this generator exceeded my expectations with this art done by just four images.

My last daily create was to figure out what my triangular oscillator was saying. I came to the conclusion that it was screaming for its excitement about spring break finally starting!

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