Week 7 Summary

Up first I have my daily creates! This was definitely my favorite collection out of all of the weeks so far. I got to incorporate the sound aspect through the oscillator, AI generated me a very cool image, and I got to post something pure of mine!

Next up Chuckles reacts to some propaganda designs and PSAs.

Then I created my own PSA relating to my character and AI. I choose a background music on there similar to ads on tv like they use when promoting a health care device or something similar. However, in my case I’m promoting AI and humans working together!

Last but most certainly not least, my propaganda design and its connection with my character Charles Chuckles Smith. For this, I did a Keep Calm poster with my own twist on it and by incorporating the best feature of Chuckles – his smile. To end this week off on a good note, keep calm and laugh on – Chuckles.

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