Week 8 Wrapped Up

I appreciate how this week had a slow start, it was much needed after spring break.

Starting off this week, I was having trouble finding a group for the radio shows. I had my name under the “looking for a group” but still had no luck. I then saw and read the description of the group created by Latifah, who then I contacted via email to join since it sparked my interest!

Moving forward, I started with my first daily create, When Two Worlds Collide. If it wasn’t for these daily creates, I would’ve never known about these art tools. I love playing around with the tools and having my own interpretation of the art.

My next daily create was my addiction – Always Caffeinated. Here I also shared how I am fasting this month and how I’m working around my coffee addiction. Additionally, the delicious latte I was served while being 40,000 feet in the air!

Next, was the assignment of the week, AI Sales Pitch. Where I explored an AI tool, AI Room Planner. Here I discussed the functionality of the overall tool and why Aggressive Technologies should acquire this tool. It’s a really fun and interactive website that offers various styles you can configure your room to be and find some inspiration. However, the tool does require a few tweaks for it to function more accurately.

Lastly, the third and final daily create of the week which was the Ferrari At The House. I could talk about cars all day long! I chose a Ferrari since it’s my favorite F1 team!

Hope you all had a great week, can’t wait to get started on the radio shows!

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