When Two Worlds Collide

Daily Create – Fractalized Art

The Zazow art tool has various tools you can play around with to create quite an interesting piece of art. I liked how you could zoom in and out of it and the details would just further expand. It was never boring.

I wanted something with contrast/clear difference of a border within the art. You can see how the left side is very subtle, whereas the right side is the exact opposite. Which is why I chose to name it “When Two Worlds Collide”. I also added the Pearl Coloring Effect which can be seen in the pear shaped structure. I chose this effect since it adds almost like a different “texture”. It’s whimsical, bright, and eye-catching effect makes it stand out from the rest of the art.

I was also playing around with zooming in and out of it and here’s another angle that I really liked.

I zoomed in and changed the color scheme for this one. To me it looks like a diamond that was just found covered in mud and water. The angle makes it appear as if it’s a diamond and then the muddy orange and blue hues represent mud and water.

Who dropped their diamond in the mud??!

You can view my art here!

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whoaaa the first one is actually really rad !! it really does look like two worlds are combining, kind of reminds me of like a supernova ??? that’s not the word I’m looking for but I cant think anymore..

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