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For this assignment, I knew that I had wanted to utilize AI to play around with interior design/architecture considering that my character is an architect. Additionally, I absolutely love interior design.

The tool that I used is AI Room Planner. Basically, you feed it an image, select the type of room it is, and the style you want out of it. I chose images from the internet to further investigate this tool since I did not want to give this website my personal house details.

To start the review off, the tool is very simple and easy to utilize. It lets you pick from 25 room styles. From office spaces to your attic, you can recreate almost any room with this tool. Moving on, there are a total of 32 styles you can choose from. You can turn your room into a gaming room, zen room, vintage vibes, industrial, and much more. The first image I did my research on was of a living room, the original image can be found here. I chose the industrial style for this. I tried a total of 6 styles before choosing this one. The previous ones made little to no changes at all. Here is the rendered image in the style industrial:

The next image, I focused on was a kitchen. For this style, I chose cottage core, here is the rendered image:

Once again, not many changes were made with most of the style choices except for cottage core. The other styles kept everything the same, but just polished it a bit. Whereas, for this style, I can see the tool trying it’s best. For example, it changed the roof structure to be angled, changed the scenery outside the window, and added flowers in the kitchen to tie in the theme of a cottage.

Now the big question – Should Aggressive Technologies acquire this tool?

I think they should absolutely acquire it. Nothing comes perfect, you will always have to make a few changes to get your desired product. The best thing about this tool is how quick it performs. Within approximately 15 seconds, you have your result. Not only that but this tool offers multiple selections of styles and rooms to choose from. You can even view your selected image how it would look on certain holidays and see if it would be the right fit for you! Not all styles come out perfectly, but this tool does comprehend the overall style idea and formulate the result accordingly.

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This seems like a great program. It is interesting to see what the AI decides to change and how it interprets aesthetics. I’m not sure it got cottage-core, but you’re right, it is trying its best.

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