Ferrari At The House

Daily Create – Old & New

If I haven’t previously expressed my interest in cars, this post should do it! When I saw TDC post on Mastodon, I instantly wanted to put a new car in front of an old house. So I went straight to Canva to start creating! I found an image of an old house and a driveway from Google and pasted those both on Canva. Last but most certainly not least, the Ferrari 812 GTS, a luxury sports car with a horsepower of 788.

Here is my creation of old and new:

The house image was perfect since it had a person walking out of the house. Making it seem like the man is trying to enter his brand new car. Who knows, maybe he lives two different lives or just likes to keep his house the way it is!

Here is my post on Mastodon.

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I really like how you incorporated the car into the picture and I am a big car person so I especially enjoyed your choice of car. Keep up the great work!

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