AT Conference – The Finale

Let’s get started with the finale and then I’ll head into the details and process of this afterwards. I also wanted to start off saying that I have been having some connection issues and I have been trying but am unable to download my video from Canva and upload it to YouTube since it’s not making it past the processing stage. Therefore, I have attached the shareable link to my video from Canva and if that does not work for some reason either, I have screen recorded my video and will upload that here. The downside to the screen recording is the audio becomes slightly lower. My apologies but I’ve been trying my best and included a backup!

In this video, you can find my character Chuckles discussing the two prompts and why Aggressive Technologies should support DS106. My thought process behind this was to have a last moment with my character. I portrayed this through a radio talk journey of Chuckles heading out, similar to us students leaving for summer break/graduating!

For the first prompt – What is the best thing you saw in the course? The best thing in this course is Dr. Oblivion, he perfectly tied in this AI theme and fit perfectly with the course in general in how he would answer all our questions about AI and more. I also enjoyed how it was interactive and social while being a fully online course. For the second prompt – What was the best thing you made in the course? The best thing I made in this course I would say is my coffee video for one of the assignment banks. I got a potential business opportunity out of it. I am thinking of selling coffee in my neighborhood! Then I went in and discussed why Aggressive Technologies should support DS106.

My Process:

The very first thing I did was write up my script so that everything is organized. I then used Canva to make my video, a text-to-speech generator to get my character’s voice, Pexels for the car ride video, and lastly, Pixabay for the background music playing in the video.

That wraps up this final week as it was our only assignment! I absolutely loved this course once I got a hang of it, it was so refreshing to interact with students and their work every week. I hope you guys have a great summer break and if you are graduating, congratulations!

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