Week 13 – Final Project Progress

This week was pretty easy, just focusing on the final project that’s due next week! I opted out of the optional daily creates to give myself a little break since we’ve been doing them all semester long.

My thought process for this project is to make it interactive, incorporate various digital media tools, and discuss more about AI.

Here’s a breakdown of the project that I hope to follow through with:

Tools: Canva, Audacity, GoogleForms, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Pixabay, YouTube, and potentially more.

Topic/Discussion: I want the main focus of my final project to be on some of the Pros and Cons of AI.

Pros: innovation, efficiency

Cons: ethical concerns, job displacement

Plan: I will be incorporating video clips, images, sounds, and voiceovers to discuss AI throughout my video. First it will begin with a brief description of AI then move onto the pros and cons. For the interactive aspect, I will incorporate a GoogleForm in there where viewers/listeners can give their opinion. Lastly, I will end in a conclusion to wrap everything together.

That’s kind of my outline/plan for the project and hopefully everything goes smoothly. Currently, I’m just gathering data for it and what I want to use in the video.

Would love to hear some feedback and opinions on this! Hope everyone had a great week, can’t wait to see everyone’s final project next week!

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