Week 7 Summary

Up first I have my daily creates! This was definitely my favorite collection out of all of the weeks so far. I got to incorporate the sound aspect through the oscillator, AI generated me a very cool image, and I got to post something pure of mine!

Next up Chuckles reacts to some propaganda designs and PSAs.

Then I created my own PSA relating to my character and AI. I choose a background music on there similar to ads on tv like they use when promoting a health care device or something similar. However, in my case I’m promoting AI and humans working together!

Last but most certainly not least, my propaganda design and its connection with my character Charles Chuckles Smith. For this, I did a Keep Calm poster with my own twist on it and by incorporating the best feature of Chuckles – his smile. To end this week off on a good note, keep calm and laugh on – Chuckles.



For my Public Service Announcement, I chose to do it about AI and incorporate what Chuckles, my character would say about AI as well.

It says, “AI is like a really eager intern – it’s here to help, but it still needs us to show it where the coffee machine is. Let’s guide it toward success together! After all, we can be more efficient and accomplish much more if we combine our capabilities.”

I used an online text to speech generator to generate my audio. For my background music, I used the Eco Technology sound from Pixabay. For editing everything, I used my absolute favorite – Audacity and finally, SoundCloud to upload it!

Just like my character, I myself think we shouldn’t fully rely on AI. With that being said, AI is useful, we should not cut it out of the picture. Instead, we must work together with it. AI needs our help which is why I added the intern reference in there and we need its help as well!


Chuckles Reacts

Chuckles isn’t quite sure as to where he stands with AI and Aggressive Technologies. However, he has stated that he is not pleased with the takeover from Aggressive Technologies on his architect job. Chuckles has a lot more to say and more thoughts on Aggressive Technologies which can be found here. For now here is the next assignment of his reactions to a few designs and PSAs others produced.

First up is the propaganda picture by Marie. First thing I have to say is that Chuckles would have a great laugh seeing this post. He would also really get along with Marie. They share the same sense of humor and pretty much the same values. Overall, Chuckles enjoyed the incorporation of humor with this serious matter.

Next up is a Public Service Announcement by cat on a moped and Dr. Ravioli. Chuckles is not chuckling after hearing this PSA… A fully AI operated moped?! He has so many thoughts and concerns with this concept. This was not the news he wanted to hear this morning. He fears that the helmet could be useful but harmful at the same time. There’s always issues and risks with having something fully dependent on technology, and there’s not always a positive outcome from it.

Lastly, we have another propaganda poster, this one is by Sydney. Chuckles would not react well to this either. The first line is “We’ll think for you” and Chuckles says that first they will think for you, and next thing you know they are doing everything for you and trying to be you. The word trust is mentioned on their twice and Chuckles would be quick to inform you that you can never fully trust AI.


Keep Calm and…

Laugh on!!! – Chuckles

To complete this propaganda design assignment, I used Adobe Express. This class urges you to utilize various and new digital tools, so I decided to give my usual Canva a break and try something new – Adobe! Luckily, both platforms are quite literally the same so it was not difficult to find tools and editing features.

Now the story behind this poster… As we all know now Chuckles is a very bright (inside and outside) individual. You can read more about his characteristics here. Since he is an architect, I chose the background to be buildings. Not just any buildings though, I chose colorful ones to represent Chuckles’s colorful personality. His to go line is “feeling down? keep calm and laugh on”. When choosing the font I wanted to go with simple, big, and bold lettering. Now what I love about Adobe Express was its different text layout features. In particular the Bow text layout which I used for the words “laugh on”. This fit so perfectly because it resembles the shape of a smile. The overall appearance I wanted for the poster was bright, lively, and simple.

Now finally for the last aspect of the poster, the line that says, “even if AI is watching you”. Chuckles has a love hate relationship with AI. He thinks its great and useful to an extent. However, since AI has been integrated everywhere, he feels like he’s being watched. Reading the keep calm line after AI is watching you, should help keep you calm says Chuckles!


Week 7 Daily Creates

This week we had to complete three daily creates.

The first one was a picture of something pure. I was looking through my photos since I wanted it to be something of meaning for me. I came across a plate of fresh rose petals I was holding from a wedding that I had attended. In Pakistani culture, it is common to throw fresh rose petals on the opposite side when they enter.

Here is the picture I uploaded for that and the post on Mastodon!

The next one was a net art generator. Cool concept but they only allow a certain limit each day 🙁

My keyword search was hungry hippo and although I was so excited to get an image out of it, this is what I got.

Like I said I was excited for my outcome… so I generated it today!!

This was so epic, I truly loved it. For sure this generator exceeded my expectations with this art done by just four images.

My last daily create was to figure out what my triangular oscillator was saying. I came to the conclusion that it was screaming for its excitement about spring break finally starting!


Caffeine, Sounds, Traveling, & more : Week 6 Summary

This week was a short and quick one. I chose option B and had a great time creating all of my videos. To start this off I have my daily creates.

Now for more exciting stuff, I have my three video assignments from the assignment bank! The first assignment I chose to do was the get ready with me. Since there wasn’t any restrictions of what your get ready had to include, I made my video on how I start my mornings off with my coffee! From beginning to end I included all of my steps on what I do for this process.

Next, I created a trending TikTok video. This one was my favorite video ever! I had been seeing this trend this past week and i’m so glad I had the opportunity to create it for this assignment. It took a lot of time and patience however. First, I looked through my 19,000 some pictures to find the right ones for this video. Then, I had to put them all together in a cohesive way so that they would flow smoothly. Cropping them each took so much patience! Finally, I put the lyrics and sound over the video. Let me know your opinions on it, I would love to hear feedback!!!

Finally, for my last video assignment I chose to do the TikTok of your pet. I did it about my pet cat, Bumi, who’s constantly up to new things. Watch him licking the faucet and get caught.

Lastly, I worked on Developing my character more and his experience and opinion of Aggressive technologies! You can read more about Chuckles here.


Bumi Being Silly

Upon looking through the Assignment Bank, I just knew I had to do the TikTok of your pet. I have endless pictures and videos of bumi on my phone. Bumi is a very mysterious and calm cat. Him being silly consists of eating the food I’m preparing, looking out windows and wagging his tail, sitting on my laptop as I sit down to do my assignments, and so much more.

I used TikTok to make this and add a sound to my video. I hope you guys enjoy this little clip of him licking the faucet and getting seen!

Now a fact that I have not shared yet about my character is that Chuckles is cat man, he’s got 13 domestic short-haired cats, whereas I have just one! He’s even done a comedy show talking about each cat each night. Those who attended Chuckles’s shows don’t know they were all about his cats though..


Chuckles Thoughts on Aggressive Technologies

Chuckles has been working as an architect for many years, almost a decade now. It has been his favorite 9-5 day job. Chuckles had put blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours studying architecture. He got his Bachelor’s from Cornell University and then a Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia. In conclusion, he spent 6 years studying to be an architect. Chuckles has recently found out about Aggressive Technologies and them taking over his entire career and hard work. He says that human architects should not be replaced with AI, and that they will never deliver in the same way. He recognizes that technology is a growing aspect in our society, but that does not mean it should start replacing the jobs of humans. Chuckles has worked way too hard for some AI to come in and takeover. I mean AI isn’t the one with two degrees hanging over their bed…


Adding Captions & Music

For this week we had two daily creates.

For the first one I picked to do, we had to add some parade music to the following photo:

To me this picture gave off eerie vibes with the black and white and they way the men are dressed and standing. When the word eerie came to my mind, I instantly thought of this cartoon I used to watch known as Courage the Cowardly Dog. I chose the theme song since it give me an old-timey parade vibe with the instruments used. (Obviously haven’t attended one but this was my best interpretation of one!)

Here is the song:

For my next daily create, I had to think of what the Canadian Prime Minister was agreeing to do with Asimo the Robot.

Here is what I thought of and created:

Prime Minister Trudeau just agreed for Asimo the Robot to replace Dr.Oblivion!

I really hope Dr.Oblivion does not find out about this one!!

Here is the link to my posts on Mastodon.


End of Beginning: TikTok Trend

For my this video assignment, I chose the make a top 10 or ranking video assignment from the bank. I used CapCut and TikTok for creating, editing, and adding a song. End of Beginning, a song by Joe Keery led to a major trend on TikTok where users add the song lyrics over a video or pictures of a place special to them. The following lyrics are what created the trend:

And when I’m back in Chicago, I feel it
Another version of me, I was in it
I wave goodbye to the end of beginning

Chicago gets replaced with whatever place the creator wishes to use.

I made my video about my recent trip to Pakistan this past December. I included the highlights of my trip which included some of my favorite foods, weddings I attended, and just my everyday activities from that month!