Final Project – Almost at the Finish Line

Week 14 Summary

Straight to the good stuff – my final project:

I put a lot of thought, planning, and effort in making this video, so I hope you all enjoyed it and learned something from it as well!

My thought process:

I wanted to incorporate and highlights parts of my character, myself, and the AI theme of this course. My character and I both love coffee, therefore, the setting of this video is in a cafe. I also snuck in my favorite iced latte recommendation in there. Additionally, I have background music that’s playing nonstop in the back, giving it more of a coffee shop vibe. Lastly, the topic of discussion is AI, in particularly some pros and cons and examples of each as well to make it a more informative video. I wanted to make this interactive as well so I created a GoogleForm where at the end viewers can visit the form and list of their pros and cons based off of their experiences with AI.

Tools used:

  • I used YouTube for uploading my video
  • A free text-to-speech generator for my audio
  • Pixabay for my coffee shop background music
  • GoogleForm to create my pros and cons form
  • Canva to create the video
  • Pexels is where I found all the video clips

I incorporated audio, text, videos, sound, AI, my character, editing, and an interactive aspect throughout my project. I cut the text to fit the clip where the audio was spoken. However, I wanted to to generate the text as the audio played, but I could not get that to align properly and work. Besides that, there isn’t anything that I wish I could change or do better, I am pretty happy with how it all came out together!

To wrap up this week, I opted out of the daily creates just to give myself more time to focus on this final project. Now I’m off to view all of my classmates projects!


Week 13 – Final Project Progress

This week was pretty easy, just focusing on the final project that’s due next week! I opted out of the optional daily creates to give myself a little break since we’ve been doing them all semester long.

My thought process for this project is to make it interactive, incorporate various digital media tools, and discuss more about AI.

Here’s a breakdown of the project that I hope to follow through with:

Tools: Canva, Audacity, GoogleForms, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Pixabay, YouTube, and potentially more.

Topic/Discussion: I want the main focus of my final project to be on some of the Pros and Cons of AI.

Pros: innovation, efficiency

Cons: ethical concerns, job displacement

Plan: I will be incorporating video clips, images, sounds, and voiceovers to discuss AI throughout my video. First it will begin with a brief description of AI then move onto the pros and cons. For the interactive aspect, I will incorporate a GoogleForm in there where viewers/listeners can give their opinion. Lastly, I will end in a conclusion to wrap everything together.

That’s kind of my outline/plan for the project and hopefully everything goes smoothly. Currently, I’m just gathering data for it and what I want to use in the video.

Would love to hear some feedback and opinions on this! Hope everyone had a great week, can’t wait to see everyone’s final project next week!


Week 12 Summary

This week was a pretty easy one once the video was out of the way!

Besides that, we had three daily creates for this week, which were fairly easy and simple as well. You can read my daily create post to see what I created and see my view of the solar eclipse!

Now for the video project, this took some time to complete. I did it in about two days and I’m feeling pretty accomplished of it! I wrote on there my whole process and hope you guys enjoyed it.

Looking ahead.. now that seems like a lot of work we still have left. Nonetheless, ready to tackle on this final project!!


Daily Create: Slinkies, Poems, & More

For week 12, we had three daily creates.

I started off with the eclipse poem, which I did a fairly simple version of it.

Poem: set out for a solar eclipse

The eclipse was enough art itself so for the poem, I kept it simple. Here’s a picture I took of it that day. We couldn’t find any glasses so my dad took an X-ray film, but he had it doubled for extra safety so it had some shadows but still looked great!

For my second daily create of the week, I created a slinky!

When I saw this daily create, I was honestly tired of these cool art tools, because I have done like five various ones at this point. However, I ended up accidentally creating a slinky and then I got excited about it! The only thing is that you can’t see the individual circles of it, which I tried to get it to have that aspect, but unfortunately it did not work.

Finally, my last daily create was what’s on the internet. For this, I choose to make it with what I’ve been seeing recently on the internet which is relatable memes.

On The Internet …

Are some really funny and relatable memes.

Here’s a relatable one I’ve been seeing lately:


Video Project: AI in Space & Skis

Let’s start this off with my video:

Now the story behind it:

I wanted to have my video incorporate AI and Dr. Oblivion. Therefore, I made Dr. Oblivion a CEO and Steve an employee at the company, World of Oblivion. Steve is an AI, specifically a robot who sits at his desk all day in front of his computer figuring out ways to increase his capabilities and efficiency for the company. Dr. Oblivion has recently been noticing how tired Steve is and he doesn’t want Steve to do any work wrong since his job is critical. Therefore, Dr. Oblivion tells Steve that he will be getting to go on a virtual vacation to take a break and recharge. Steve is confused at what that is but he is also intrigued so he decides to go. Steve gets to virtually explore skiing, the Eiffel Tower, and space! He has to do so virtually since he does not have the capabilities yet to endure freezing temperatures and outer space. When Steve returns he is energized and ready to successfully complete his work tasks leading to a happy boss and growing company!

My thought process:

When I was initially thinking of what to do, I knew it had to be something completely different than anything I’ve done before. That is to ensure that I can keep myself entertained while creating this and make it more creative since I’m starting from scratch. I choose the idea of vacation since it would be easy to find sound, images, and videos. I chose virtual because it could be easily displayed as well as it goes along with the AI theme. Going off the AI theme, I feel like lately AI has been utilized so much for various things. Just like when humans are working too hard and need a break, I made the story to where it’s AI’s aka Steve’s turn for a break/vacation. I started off with an intro of Steve and then went on to the actual story. Once the short story is complete, Dr.Oblivion ends the video off with a short goodbye message.

The tools I used:

This video has a mix of audio, videos, text, graphics, and AI-generated text-to-speech all edited into one video. I used Dr. Oblivion’s video for the parts of him speaking. To retrieve all of my videos and sounds, I used the site Pixabay. For my text-to-speech, I used an AI generator, TTSMP3. Lastly, I used Canva to put all the clips together and make one cohesive video. Additionally, the images/graphics on the slide along with the text was also from Canva.

Overall, I am proud of my video and I was able to do it the way I had planned to last week. I only wish it would be longer, but I didn’t want to keep adding on to the story to where the viewer wouldn’t know the main point. One thing I wasn’t able to get was Dr. Oblivion’s exact voice for his voiceovers. However, I did manage to find a voice online that sounded almost like him. Let me know what you guys think of it, hopefully you aren’t tired of seeing Dr. Oblivion by now!


A Chaotic Week 11

This week was a chaotic mess for me. Still had to push through and keep it moving, but as a senior, luckily the finish line is VERY close.

I started off by doing all three of my daily creates. This was by far my favorite week of daily creates! From cats to coffee and all the way to trading cards?! It was a very versatile and adventurous week for sure. I do hope that everyone can let me know the points they think that Dr. Oblivion deserves. I would love to see what opinions everyone else has. Additionally, if you have extra time, let me know what you guys think about my pistachio latte video!

The next thing I did this week was tune into the Ravioli Radio. Even the name was making me hungry. I wasn’t able to attend the live listening sessions with the class since around 7pm is really hectic for me as we all are preparing to break our fasts at sunset! I listened to an upload a student made on their website, and wrote about my experience listening to it.

Lastly, we had to start planning out our video project. My video project plan thus far is very organized and structured with all the details of what I want in it. I hope I am able to stick with it and create a successful masterpiece. Additionally, I read my classmates’s ideas and left comments on there, they sound like great ideas too!

As always, I am open to any suggestions, hope you guys had a great week, can’t wait to see the projects next week!


Video Project Plan

Overview: For my video project, I plan on making it around Dr. Oblivion and his AI employee, Steve. Steve has been working really hard and now is extremely tired and shows signs of DIGITAL fatigue. Dr. Oblivion is going to send him on a virtual vacation so that he can come back to work energized.

The Outline:

  1. Introduction
    • Starts with Steve being very tired and in need of a break.
    • Dr. Oblivion joins in and introduces Steve to his virtual vacation, Steve is confused but intrigued.
  2. Virtual Vacation
    • Steve goes on a ski trip.
    • Steve visits famous landmarks.
    • Steve goes to space.
  3. Conclusion
    • Steve returns as a ball of energy and his vacation highlights.
    • Dr. Oblivion is seen in the back smiling and content that Steve got his time off and enjoyed it.

Not sure how well I’ll follow through with this plan but I seem to find the story entertaining so I will be able to easily create and talk about it! Let me know what you guys think, I’m open to suggestions!


Tuning Into Ravioli Radio

The radio show I had listened to for this radio show listening was the Ravioli Radio.

Within the first minute I was already hooked. They started off with everyone speaking parts of the intro and all the different voices actually made it sound like a talk show! The first advertisement was super neat, it was just like one of the ones you see on TV that end with a very rapidly spoken disclaimer. The next thing that stood out to me was all of the background music. I would think of multiple different sounds as messy or chaotic but their utilization of different sounds was smooth and cohesive. The sounds also fit what they were saying each time. My favorite sound was their transition applause they had before every new section. It made the listener feel pumped and energized for the next one. The conversation aspect of the radio show allowed it to be more interactive as well instead of just hearing people talk all at once. It made it more engaging this way. I also liked the incorporation of facts and specifics they included like being from Germany and how mopeds are effective there for them and how they are better for the environment as well.

Overall, I had a really good experience listening to this radio. It wasn’t boring at all, there were various voices, jokes, and conversations. The background music helped tie it all together and kept it engaging. The advertisements were also really well executed and thought out. I think this was a great show!


Dr. Oblivion Trading Card

For my last daily create of this week, we made our own version of a trading card! Now I would like to begin this post by mentioning that I know absolutely nothing about trading cards, maybe I live under a rock or something I don’t know but I’ve never heard of it. With that being said I hope I did it correctly.

I wasn’t quite sure of what or who to put on there so yes, I threw Dr. Oblivion under the bus, I hope he doesn’t mind. He’s been a big part of this class so I treated this like a review on him. Let’s breakdown the four categories I gave him. The first one is seriousness, which is really obvious to point out even if you just listen to him once, therefore, I gave him a 100 on that. Next is friendliness, where I gave him a 15 but he only got the 15 because maybe he tries to be friendly, so some points for effort. The reason his score is so low is because I told him to make a joke and he said, “I don’t have time to make jokes, I have to prevent from AI taking over the world.” Next is appearance, where he got a 27 and that’s because it’s the same facial expressions and outfit we see every time. He could step up his game more to make it more entertaining to listen to, because I’m tired of now! Lastly, is how informative he is, where he got an 86. I took off 14 points because sometimes I feel like he is excessive in his responses, there have been multiple instances where I feel like he could have gotten to the point much faster.

I hope I did this correctly, let me know what scores/points you would give him!


Sips & Smiles

The second daily create I did for this week is of something that made me smile that day. This week I had a lot going on in classes as well as a week long of events for a club I am in, MSA. After one of the events, my good friend and I made a quick trip up north to Tysons Galleria for a coffee I had been craving all month!

This past almost month now, I have been fasting and almost every coffee shop closes super early except for Shotted in Tysons. Their pistachio latte is truly amazing. I love it so much that I drove an hour there and back for it, and it was the perfect end to my day. Here is what made me smile:

I think only coffee drinkers can truly understand that first sip feeling. It feels like a refreshment and makes me forget about my entire day. Leaves you feeling happy and energized for sure.

I have even tried remaking their pistachio latte at home, but it’s missing some sweetness that Shotted adds that I quite haven’t figured out yet. I made a little video on me recreating it which I will attach on to here.