Week 10 Wrapped

To kick off this post with a bang, tune in and listen to POP Perception!

I hope you guys enjoyed that beginning as much as my group and I are quite proud of it.

This week was pretty much easier once the radio show was out of the way and done. We had two daily creates and our radio show progress. Additionally, there was the usual commenting. So exciting to read and listen to what everyone has been creating the past two weeks!

During this week, I used a variety of tools. Canva for my daily create, and then Audacity, Pixabay, AI Text-To-Speech, and a specific JARVIS voice for the radio show. Learned a lot through trial and error, but planning and being organized helped me get through this week!


Week 2 Radio Show Progress

This week was much more successful in making progress than my last week! I started off the week finally in communication with my group members who were all so kind! We figured out what movies we were each going to pick and established a team deadline to have our sections done by.

Three out of the four of us were going to each talk about one of the Spider-mans. I had picked Tobey McGuire, not realizing what I was getting myself into. I quickly realized that the movie Tobey was in was made in 2002 and did not have any AI aspects. He was also featured in No Way Home, but again no AI was associated with Tobey, his web was even made from within his body. I realized I needed to change my topic immediately! Our group was centered around Marvel, which besides Spider-man, I don’t watch other Marvel movies, so I was unfamiliar of the rest. However, I did know that Iron Man was the mentor to Spider-man. Therefore, I quickly switched gears and went towards Tony Stark and his companion JARVIS, who is all AI. Luckily, this made it so much easier to work with.

First I got started on getting a bit more knowledge on JARVIS and Iron Man. I took some notes and then started writing down my script. I chose to write it down so when I would speak, it would be organized and smooth. Once my script was done, I opened up Audacity and got to work! I added my intermission at the end and various other sound effects throughout my section. Additionally, Chuckles also was given an AI voice. To start off my script, I had a JARVIS like AI voice read in a good morning message that JARVIS left for Tony Stark in the movie. Then I went on to have Chuckles make a quick joke since that’s his thing. I then proceeded with the actual discussion afterwards. Here is my completed section:

My intermission was fully used in the final radio show, and along with that, parts of my intermission sound was played when transitioning to each of my team member’s sections! Luckily, with starting off a bit behind, I had my section in on time and we were all able to complete it into one amazing piece of work!


Household Chores and The Codfather

Week 10 Daily Creates

For my first one of this week, I had to change a letter in the title of a book or movie. I chose The Godfather and turned it into The Codfather. Now, it is a family-run seafood empire! Here is how I would redesign it:

The next daily create I did was to combine a game you like with a chore to make it somewhat more enjoyable.

The game I chose is Ludo. Ludo is a traditional game played in South Asian countries. Growing up in Pakistan, I always played this game and still do when I visit my cousins back home. It can get very competitive and loud, and lots of accusations of cheating. It is similar to the board game “Trouble”.

Now my least favorite chose is washing dishes. In many ethnic households, using the dishwasher to wash the dishes is very uncommon. We hand wash them individually and it actually satisfies us that they truly got cleaned! The reason I hate washing them is the dish soap dries out my hands completely and the scent stays on as well for a little while. Now you could wear gloves, but my issue with that is if your nails are even slightly too long, they will rip and the water will find its way in. Which to me is even more gross.

So I combined Ludo with this chore. Since Ludo is a game played by more than one player, we would be playing to see how many dishes each player would have to wash. In Ludo, you roll a six and are lucky, but in this you roll a six and wash six dishes! Similarly, you would still get to move six spots ahead. Therefore the basics of the game are the same but the number you roll also means the amount of dishes you must clean.


A Week in Sound

This week had a bit of a slow start for me. Let’s begin with the my Radio Show Progress. When you’re a hundred percent online, there are so many more ways miscommunication can occur. For me it occurred with being in touch with my group members. Through email, we were all in touch to be put in a group chat. Messages flew throughout the week with everyones numbers and someone mentioning creating a group chat but still I had no group chat. So I went on and did my assignments while I was waiting! I created a radio show poster and logo that can easily be edited with the final name of the show and more information on it as well!

Along with that I had my two audio assignments. The first one was creating an intro for the radio show, where I also came up with a name based off the description from the spreadsheet of radio shows. Next, I created my own assignment for the assignment bank where I made a radio show intermission. This one was one of my favorites I had done from this week.

Then, the silence in the email was getting questionable. So I reached out and then went ahead and created the group chat myself. Which is where moments later I found out that there was already a group chat and I was accidentally not placed in it. Although I was bummed to miss out on major discussions, things like this occur frequently and I’m aware there was no ill intention behind it! I did get caught up, but it was last minute and I had already completed my assignments on the radio show this week.

Now let’s move on to my Daily Creates, the three we had for this week.

The first was The Letter C, where I added on to some generated text and created (and solved) my own mystery of the witch and the hobbit. You can also find what I think the hobbit looks like on the post and my solved mystery as well!

The next one was Endangered Poetry, which I created with the help of ChatGPT. I added a background picture to match the theme and it turned out really well minus the minor inconvenience I had with copying and pasting the text.

Lastly, I created my own version of a bicycle with the help of who else? AI! It’s got two wheels, four seats, a solar panel, and a shade up top! With that being said, I will not advertise it any further since the safety is still not something I’m sure of.

Lastly, of course the comments. Mainly commented on people’s logos and posters as that was something I was looking forward to see!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s radio show projects next week, hope you all enjoyed my posts!


Radio Show Poster

I wanted to start off the assignment with the poster itself because I think it came out so good! I wanted to keep it simple while also having it be eye catching. I went with a bulls eyes effect in the middle to grab attention similar to the hypnotic circles. However, the purpose is not to hypnotize anyone, therefore, I added a huge, bright, and colorful radio in the middle. I used Canva throughout the entire process of creating this as it’s something I’ve become very familiar and quite fond of. I added a curved statement around the main part so that viewers know the purpose of this poster. I like the curved text aspect since it looks less boring than a straight line of text. Also, it blends seamlessly with what I created.

Since my group and I have not made much progress on the actual project yet, there is a lot of missing information for this poster. For example, I would incorporate the show name in there somehow once it is finalized. Additionally, a catchphrase or slogan would be a good addition as well. There are also optional details one could add to this like a date, time, and location. Also, if this is an ongoing podcast for example, you could add the topic/movie/tv show that will be discussed.

Now for fun, I also added a possible logo based off of the poster I created.

It’s the same thing but this time, the main part of it would be centered and the two text boxes would be changed accordingly.

Something I’m not quite sure of would be the colors. Mainly the background color. It looks quite boring but anything else was a distraction to the main part, so I just kept it as is.

Hope you guys like it!


Radio Show Progress

My group and I have had sort of a slow start to our radio show. We were in communication via email but nothing further until recently I created a group chat via Messages with everyone’s numbers. With that being said besides a description we don’t have anything else solidified at this very moment.

Individually, through my audio assignments I have created an intro and an intermission for the radio show! Additionally, I have come up with a name for it, Film Fanatics & Fictional Friends. Once we are all in better touch with each other I will be sharing those with the group.

Overall, the progress is not much, therefore there is not much process to expand on. However, I’m sure with everyone’s individual audio assignments based on the radio show, we will have much more when we come together!


Radio Show Intermission

For my second audio assignment, I decided to create my own! I called it the Radio Show Intermission and here is the description I put for it: “Radio Show Intermission” is a lively and engaging break in your listening experience to offer a refreshing pause between discussions. Add a short line of text to captivate your audience and ensure that they stay past the break. Add some sound as well and make it to your liking with whatever theme best suits your show.

The process for creating an assignment was pretty easy! I added my SoundCloud link to what I created and included the following as the thumbnail image:

I choose this image because the sound just gave me this type of vibe plus it incorporates my character and I’s love for cats!

Now here is how I would do a radio show intermission:

To start it off I chose a simple yet intriguing sound from Pixabay, this is the part that made me chose a cat being a dj for the thumbnail picture.

Next I have the following text in my sound: Take a breather (In German) Take a breather and enjoy the groove during our Radio Show Intermission, where the beats keep you company until we return with more awesome tunes and engaging conversations! (English) I used “take a breather” twice in there to emphasize the purpose of this intermission which is to take a quick break. The first time it’s said, is in the language German. My character Chuckles, is from Switzerland, where a majority speak German, so I added that touch for him. By using an AI text-to-speech generator, I generated the rest of the text via English.

Finally, I have the incorporation of my second and last sound which is also from Pixabay. For this I know I wanted something with a beat drop near the end since my text mentions that you should enjoy this beat during the quick break. Additionally, I needed a sound where I could easily transition from the first one without having an awkward pause in between. The exact spot where I made the song change was at the word “groove” and I think it turned out really well!

I really hope all listeners enjoy this intermission I created as I really love it!


Film Fanatics & Fictional Friends

For my first audio assignment this week, I choose the Radio Bumper and put my own twist on it according to my radio show description.

My first step for this was creating a possible radio show name.

The description we have for my group is: Course character talk about pop culture/movies/tv in a talkshow/podcast type of vibe

I came up with name: Film Fanatics & Fictional Friends

The fictional friends in this case are all of our characters.

I wanted the audio in the sound to be neat, so I utilized a voice generator instead of me talking. Next, I used Pixabay for my intro and background music. The audio I used is called Big Band Show. I picked this one because it resembled almost an old time-y tv show intro and gave off fun vibes overall.

Here is my version of what could be the intro to my groups radio show!

In the beginning, the sound is very loud and out there. Then, the music turns into background sound as the actual intro is played. Finally, it picks back up and finishes out strong in hopes to get the listener enticed to what our characters have to say.

Were you all enticed?!


Four Seater Bicycle

This Daily Create is brought to you by imagination and AI! I had to redesign a bicycle with a modern feature while keeping it nature friendly of course.

For my post, I used Craiyon, an AI image generator. I gave it the following prompt: solar electric bike for four people.

It gave me the following image:

I chose to do a classic two wheel bike, except this one can SEAT FOUR people! Additionally, it uses a solar panel to operate. I think this would be great to have especially because it includes a sun shade as well. Don’t know about the safety on this but thank you Craiyon for creating this unique bicycle for not only me but some friends as well!


The Letter C

For my first Daily Create of the week, I had a bit of a weird one.

We were provided a prompt from @MagicRealismBot and had to figure out what happens next.

The provided prompt was:

A witch smokes a cigarette in a city. She is thinking about the letter “C”. There is a hobbit standing right behind her.

I continued it with the following on Mastodon:

The hobbit has a mischievous grin as he tilts his head and asks, “What secrets lie within the letter C?”

The witch becomes intrigued of his similar sense of curiosity and smiles down at the hobbit.

Later they are both spotted walking down a dark, mysterious path heading to explore the mysteries of the letter C.

My thought process for this was to keep it mysterious since the prompt itself was too. I also wanted to make the two characters amiable and adventurous. Therefore, I had the witch smile at the hobbit and they were both seen heading to explore the mysteries together.

Here’s an image on what I think the hobbit would look like:

Now what do I think is behind the letter C? Coffee of course. Both the characters are now on the way to explore the best cafe and what it has to offer.