Caffeine, Sounds, Traveling, & more : Week 6 Summary

This week was a short and quick one. I chose option B and had a great time creating all of my videos. To start this off I have my daily creates.

Now for more exciting stuff, I have my three video assignments from the assignment bank! The first assignment I chose to do was the get ready with me. Since there wasn’t any restrictions of what your get ready had to include, I made my video on how I start my mornings off with my coffee! From beginning to end I included all of my steps on what I do for this process.

Next, I created a trending TikTok video. This one was my favorite video ever! I had been seeing this trend this past week and i’m so glad I had the opportunity to create it for this assignment. It took a lot of time and patience however. First, I looked through my 19,000 some pictures to find the right ones for this video. Then, I had to put them all together in a cohesive way so that they would flow smoothly. Cropping them each took so much patience! Finally, I put the lyrics and sound over the video. Let me know your opinions on it, I would love to hear feedback!!!

Finally, for my last video assignment I chose to do the TikTok of your pet. I did it about my pet cat, Bumi, who’s constantly up to new things. Watch him licking the faucet and get caught.

Lastly, I worked on Developing my character more and his experience and opinion of Aggressive technologies! You can read more about Chuckles here.


Bumi Being Silly

Upon looking through the Assignment Bank, I just knew I had to do the TikTok of your pet. I have endless pictures and videos of bumi on my phone. Bumi is a very mysterious and calm cat. Him being silly consists of eating the food I’m preparing, looking out windows and wagging his tail, sitting on my laptop as I sit down to do my assignments, and so much more.

I used TikTok to make this and add a sound to my video. I hope you guys enjoy this little clip of him licking the faucet and getting seen!

Now a fact that I have not shared yet about my character is that Chuckles is cat man, he’s got 13 domestic short-haired cats, whereas I have just one! He’s even done a comedy show talking about each cat each night. Those who attended Chuckles’s shows don’t know they were all about his cats though..


Chuckles Thoughts on Aggressive Technologies

Chuckles has been working as an architect for many years, almost a decade now. It has been his favorite 9-5 day job. Chuckles had put blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours studying architecture. He got his Bachelor’s from Cornell University and then a Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia. In conclusion, he spent 6 years studying to be an architect. Chuckles has recently found out about Aggressive Technologies and them taking over his entire career and hard work. He says that human architects should not be replaced with AI, and that they will never deliver in the same way. He recognizes that technology is a growing aspect in our society, but that does not mean it should start replacing the jobs of humans. Chuckles has worked way too hard for some AI to come in and takeover. I mean AI isn’t the one with two degrees hanging over their bed…


Adding Captions & Music

For this week we had two daily creates.

For the first one I picked to do, we had to add some parade music to the following photo:

To me this picture gave off eerie vibes with the black and white and they way the men are dressed and standing. When the word eerie came to my mind, I instantly thought of this cartoon I used to watch known as Courage the Cowardly Dog. I chose the theme song since it give me an old-timey parade vibe with the instruments used. (Obviously haven’t attended one but this was my best interpretation of one!)

Here is the song:

For my next daily create, I had to think of what the Canadian Prime Minister was agreeing to do with Asimo the Robot.

Here is what I thought of and created:

Prime Minister Trudeau just agreed for Asimo the Robot to replace Dr.Oblivion!

I really hope Dr.Oblivion does not find out about this one!!

Here is the link to my posts on Mastodon.


End of Beginning: TikTok Trend

For my this video assignment, I chose the make a top 10 or ranking video assignment from the bank. I used CapCut and TikTok for creating, editing, and adding a song. End of Beginning, a song by Joe Keery led to a major trend on TikTok where users add the song lyrics over a video or pictures of a place special to them. The following lyrics are what created the trend:

And when I’m back in Chicago, I feel it
Another version of me, I was in it
I wave goodbye to the end of beginning

Chicago gets replaced with whatever place the creator wishes to use.

I made my video about my recent trip to Pakistan this past December. I included the highlights of my trip which included some of my favorite foods, weddings I attended, and just my everyday activities from that month!


Get Ready With Me: With a Shot!

… Shot as in shot of espresso, make that a double shot actually 🙂

If you’ve ever seen me in person, I’ll have an iced latte in my hand ALWAYS. I guess you can say I’m a little addicted …

Just like me, my character Chuckles also is addicted to caffeine. Although he prefers a warm vanilla latte to match his mischievous warm eyes. The caffeine boosts his energy and kicks in when he’s performing his comedy shows.

For this Video Assignment from the Assignment Bank, I chose the get ready with me! I decided to do my own twist on this since I start getting ready for my day by making my latte!

I filmed my entire process of making lattes, from beginning to end. I used iMovie to edit the clips together and sped up some parts on it as well. I know some people only enjoy drinking lattes, but I enjoy making them even more. In fact, being able to make my own lattes in my morning routine, is what motivates me to get out of bed. The parts I sped through where when I was utilizing my WDT tool, when spinning my distributor tool, and in between refilling my ice scoops. I also sped up the video all together to get it from 48 seconds down to 26. Parts of the process have also been clipped. For example, the extraction of the espresso shot was clipped from 28 seconds to about 2 seconds. I had so much fun putting this together and I hope you enjoy my version of getting ready with me!

P.S. it’s an iced oat milk latte with macadamia with caramel drizzle.


Week 5 Video Storytelling Summary

This week was a quick, simple, and easy one.

However, we did have plenty of content to read and watch to learn enough information on Video Storytelling. I reviewed A.I. 187 for this assignment.

Then we updated our goals for this class and made sure we were right on track! Can’t really make this post eye catching or entertaining, so I played around with the title! If you’re familiar with the Kardashians, you’ll understand the title.

If you are not, they have show called Keeping up with The Kardashians, ha ha ha I hope you got it know…

Lastly, to make you hungry, I have some cookies for you. Just kidding, sorry I meant internet cookies served with a compliment and then my version of poetry!

Overall, solid week, I hope you guys did great too, can’t wait to see next week’s posts!


Video Storytelling

For this assignment I chose to watch the movie A.I. 187 which is available for free on Youtube. The clip I chose from this movie was the most climatic from the whole movie. Most of the movie was simple and not many complex editing besides that actual technology.

Director Billy Dickson utilized white and black when showing older memories. The constant flickering effect was also applied to get the viewer more pumped for the actual scene that is occurring. The old memories are considered build ups in this case. You can also see the slow motioned running of the football players.


Keeping up with The Goals

Now that I am caught up with the course, I’m finally able to enjoy the content and do much more as well. I changed the theme of my blog and have started to better organize it as well.

I even mentioned before that I was excited to experiment with various storytelling techniques and this week we did video storytelling! Right on track for me 🙂 I have also been able to utilize various tools as well for assignments like Soundcloud for our previous week.

You can never be perfect, but you can always keep trying to do better and better and I can’t wait to make more updates on my blog as I learn more.


Poetry & Compliments

The first daily create I did this week was to compliment back the Compliment Bot on Mastodon. To do this, I created a poster on Canva.

Since it is a bot, and we had to leave a kind message, I called it a smart cookie 🙂 I hope everyone understood the incorporation of internet cookies…

The next daily create was about our favorite poem.

Some context: I was born in Pakistan and my primary language is Urdu. For those how know it, Urdu is known to be a very romantic and poetic language. Growing up and even know I only read Shayari, which is Urdu poetry.

I have lots of favorite shayari but I picked one of the shorter ones for this.

Aas milan ki jaag rahi hai

translation: there’s hope to meet

One issue I have with translating shayari, is that often times the meaning gets lost in translation and it does not have the same effect when reading the English translation 🙁

I hope you guys enjoyed my cookies, compliments, and poetry!