Cats In Amazon

A website I use frequently for various things is Amazon. With that being said, it is definitely not my favorite since it takes all my money!!!

For my first daily create of the week, I looked through the source code of Amazon’s website. When looking through it, I put on my computer scientist hat and kept scrolling and scrolling to see how they are running their website. That is what led me to scrolling to the very end. Which is where I found a surprise…..

It was such a cute and unexpected surprise. The next thing I did for this daily create is took the screenshot of the source code to Canva for a little more creativity. At the bottom, I added paw prints and changed the colors on it to add a fading out effect. Then, I added a cat to the side who seems to be climbing up but in this case the cat is scrolling up through the page to check out some Amazon source code! Lastly, I went to Pinterest for a cat background for this post.

You can view the screenshot and what I created at the bottom of this page.

That’s all I had for this one, I think it looks purrrrfect!

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