The Letter C

For my first Daily Create of the week, I had a bit of a weird one.

We were provided a prompt from @MagicRealismBot and had to figure out what happens next.

The provided prompt was:

A witch smokes a cigarette in a city. She is thinking about the letter “C”. There is a hobbit standing right behind her.

I continued it with the following on Mastodon:

The hobbit has a mischievous grin as he tilts his head and asks, “What secrets lie within the letter C?”

The witch becomes intrigued of his similar sense of curiosity and smiles down at the hobbit.

Later they are both spotted walking down a dark, mysterious path heading to explore the mysteries of the letter C.

My thought process for this was to keep it mysterious since the prompt itself was too. I also wanted to make the two characters amiable and adventurous. Therefore, I had the witch smile at the hobbit and they were both seen heading to explore the mysteries together.

Here’s an image on what I think the hobbit would look like:

Now what do I think is behind the letter C? Coffee of course. Both the characters are now on the way to explore the best cafe and what it has to offer.

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