A Chaotic Week 11

This week was a chaotic mess for me. Still had to push through and keep it moving, but as a senior, luckily the finish line is VERY close.

I started off by doing all three of my daily creates. This was by far my favorite week of daily creates! From cats to coffee and all the way to trading cards?! It was a very versatile and adventurous week for sure. I do hope that everyone can let me know the points they think that Dr. Oblivion deserves. I would love to see what opinions everyone else has. Additionally, if you have extra time, let me know what you guys think about my pistachio latte video!

The next thing I did this week was tune into the Ravioli Radio. Even the name was making me hungry. I wasn’t able to attend the live listening sessions with the class since around 7pm is really hectic for me as we all are preparing to break our fasts at sunset! I listened to an upload a student made on their website, and wrote about my experience listening to it.

Lastly, we had to start planning out our video project. My video project plan thus far is very organized and structured with all the details of what I want in it. I hope I am able to stick with it and create a successful masterpiece. Additionally, I read my classmates’s ideas and left comments on there, they sound like great ideas too!

As always, I am open to any suggestions, hope you guys had a great week, can’t wait to see the projects next week!

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