Always Caffeinated

Daily Create – My Addiction

This next Daily Create was something that I am addicted to and cannot go without. Of course, the answer to this is coffee. Both my character and I are quite fond of it.

There’s something about a latte that just creates the perfect morning for me, I cannot go without it. Also, the double shots of espresso definitely help me get through my day.

Whether I’m 40,000 feet in the air or headed to class, I need my latte.

Here’s a picture I took of my latte and dessert while on a flight.
And this really pretty latte from NYC. Although it was scrumptious it was $9….

If I were to share the pictures of my addiction, this would be an endless post. One thing I wanted to add on this post was my current coffee situation. This month is Ramadan, which is a sacred month in Islam where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset! Meaning I cannot indulge in my morning lattes. I do still make my lattes once I break my fast, but I just have to be careful because it does keep me up for most of the night!

Here’s my post on Mastodon!

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i’m not muslim, but it’s interesting to see how Ramadan is impacting your typical routines and things like your obsessions! Ramadan Mubarak!! WAIT also your ring in the second picture is so pretty

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